What Makes Robert Mueller the Man of Integrity?

Sometimes a horoscope tells a fascinating story, and this is what we find in the chart of Robert Swan Mueller III, the man who was appointed as special counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

An interpretation of natal potentials is compromised when the time of birth is unknown because the Moon degree and the positions of the planets throughout the houses are undetermined, and thus fall short of giving sufficient clues for an accurate interpretation. But there are planetary configurations defined by Marc Edmund Jones, found in his Essentials of Astrological Analysis, that are not dependent on the time of birth, and can yield information that is quite revealing.

One of these possibilities is the T-Cross as a Focal Determinator. But its validity is questioned because one of the prongs of the Cross would be the Moon, which moves swiftly through the degrees in an entire day, and may or may not be in orb of an opposition to create a T-Cross. However, when checking the Moon’s sign and degree placement, throughout the 24 hours of the day of birth, it shows the Moon’s transit stays within close proximity of its 12 and a half degree allowable orb in the possible opposition to Neptune. This ultimately brings Saturn into Point Focus, since it stands in perpendicular aspect to the opposition.

Astrologers consider that aside from the frustrations, delays, and disappointments for which Saturn is known, it is also the planet of integrity, responsibility, maturity, and conscientiousness, and so suggests a host of positive characteristics that can imbue an individual with extraordinary and honorable stature. These constructive expressions of Saturn, explain why Mueller is known for his spotless reputation as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, who received a Bronze Star for heroism, and a Purple Heart. He spent his civilian years in both private and public service, engaging in a stellar career that included 12 years as director of the FBI.

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Challenge of a Sharp Destiny – John McCain – 1936 – 2018

John Sidney McCain III served his country throughout his entire life, but it was during his tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, especially as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, that he unknowingly took on the challenge of the formidable Sharp Destiny, identified in his chart by a square between Jupiter and Saturn.

The naval captain managed to rise to the occasion, only after years of personal, agonizing struggles that the daunting configuration bestows on a soul in need of awakening. He battled against his own recklessness as an airman in the navy, and as a Senator, drew criticism from the public for reasons that included racial remarks, (1) and in 1989 for his involvement in the Keating Five scandal. There were character flaws to overcome, and Sharp Destiny was designed to correct them.

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CHALLENGE OF THE SHARP DESTINY – Anthony Bourdain, 1956 – 2018

Celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, took his own life on the evening of June 7th, or in the early hours of June 8th, 2018. His body was found in his hotel room in Kaysersberg France, while on location for the shooting of an episode of his popular television series, Parts Unknown. Bourdain was a writer extraordinaire, who artfully introduced his audience to exotic cultures worldwide, through the lens of gastronomy.

Astrologers use diverse methods to analyze the components of a natal horoscope, and then note the transits and progressions that set their findings into motion. The examination of Anthony Bourdain’s chart, focuses on a small segment of the wheel, drawing attention to what is called the Sharp Destiny. It is identified in his case, by the square between Jupiter and Saturn. The technique is part of a collection of advanced procedures that were developed in the mid-20th century by astrologer par excellence, Marc Edmund Jones.  The Sharp Destiny explains Bourdain’s early struggles in life, but also contributes to his growth and later successes. Failures and achievements are both born of this challenging aspect, and a native is clearly at an advantage when recognizing the blessing of its presence in the chart, and works to actualize its elevated purpose. Read more

Putin and Trump – The Symbol Minded

Natal Pluto is High Focus in Vladimir Putin’s horoscope because it is elevated and conjunct the Midheaven. This position speaks of his overwhelming power as a player on the political world stage and of his tenacious, authoritarian rule.Pluto’s position at 22 Leo 43 is hosted by the Sabian Symbol, A bareback rider. Its keyword is AUDACITY. The original symbol is, The scene is a circus crowded with spectators, and in a moment of hush a bareback rider performs extraordinarily. The internet’s ubiquitous image of Putin, “performing” on horseback, is unique in that the rider himself is bare-backed, in lieu of the horse being without saddle. Occasionally, the Sabian Symbols manifest literally, and in this case it does so with a remarkably humorous twist.

U.S. President Donald Trump is intrigued by Putin’s prowess, and a look at the cross-ties between the two leaders shows why. The two men share a zodiacal degree that is exact to the very minute, making the cross-tie a highly rare specimen in the field of synastry. Putin’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Jupiter are both located at precisely 17 degrees Libra and 27 minutes. Normally, a planet in one chart applies to influence the other person’s planet that is separating and responding. In this case, there is a mutual interaction with neither having the upper hand by application. The Libran interrelationship reveals Trump’s Jupiter manifesting with untempered enthusiasm, and showing much inexperience in contrast with Putin’s sober and fortified Saturn.

This extraordinary cross-tie’s Sabian Symbol is, Two men placed under arrest. In Trump’s chart, the conjunction falls in the 2nd house of personal finances and material assets, and in Putin’s chart, the paired planets are located in the 12th house of clandestine operations. This may very well suggest secret interactions and negotiations between the two men relating to money and other possessions and advantages.

From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, p. 167:

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. “When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.”

The two men have most likely been in a competitive “embrace” for some time. They undoubtedly have shared resources of sorts, even if through third parties. The present challenge seems to be what they can accomplish together for their own advantage, that was not possible before Trump was elected.

The original symbol shines additional light on the mutual bond: Two men are placed under arrest and are taken away to give an accounting of their acts before a tribunal of society. Nations worldwide play the role of the tribunal, with the hope that the two leaders maintain a service to society, rather than enforce their powers for their own personal objectives and advantages. The negative expression of the degree, however, spells out in quite clear language that the potentials for self-aggrandizement are very real. News reports, speaking of Putin’s history of undermining the will of his people, include alleged murders of political opponents and other enemies. And Trump continually expresses inappropriate comments in outrageous and degrading ways toward American citizens of varying ethnicities, Democrats and members of his own political Party, and leaders of both friendly and unfriendly countries. Both men are under the arresting eyes of those who are awaiting the outcome of this strange camaraderie between the leaders in control of the world’s greatest nuclear arsenals. If there is a reason to believe that wrongs have been committed, that put the security of the United States at risk, the Special Council investigation, headed by Robert Mueller, will hopefully bring the perpetrators to justice.


The first official meeting between the two Presidents occurred on July 16, 2018 at the Helsinki Summit in Finland. It was a private meeting, and to this day the conversation and possible agreements made remain a mystery to all save the two men and their interpreters. There had been impromptu, brief encounters previously, usually on the sidelines of other conferences. However, the meeting on July 16th was a planned, formal tête-à-tête, that took place amid an air of trepidation from a large segment of the U.S. population, because of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and Trump’s unsettling fascination with the Russian autocrat.

Exceptional events must have a matching counterpart in the astrological dynamics at the time they occur, and the celestial participation on the day of the Summit does not disappoint. The unique natal cross-tie already examined, has a surprising lineup of progressions that bring their combined potentials to life in an extraordinary way. Both Presidents had progressed planets synchronizing an arrival at their allied natal point on the date of the Helsinki Summit. On July 16, 2018, Putin’s progressed Moon came to 27 Libra 35 at the same time as Trump’s progressed Venus was lingering at 17 Libra 33.

Trump’s progressed Venus had been approaching his natal Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn since mid-2017. The Venus progression is of longer duration than Putin’s progressing Moon that has a 2-month activation, keeping his possibilities down to a limited window of opportunity. Putin’s progressed Moon symbolizes his emotional engagement in the aligned event, and Trump’s Venus contributed an intimacy to the fated encounter. Economics, whether personal or universal, could very well have been a topic of conversation at the meeting. These timely symbolic progressions, accompanying the natal bond, are a striking testimony to the grand scheme of things, and correspond perfectly with the event that brought the two men finally face to face.

The quad-wheel chart shows Trump’s natal horoscope in the center with his 2018 progressions in the next wheel outward. The third wheel is Putin’s natal chart encompassed by his 2018 progressions in the outermost circle of planets. The progressions as they made contact with the cross-tie are bounded in red lines for easy viewing.

Trump’s Progressed Moon in his 12th simultaneously makes friendly Sextiles to his Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn. This shows his emotional investment buttressing and intensifying the interaction at the meeting, and points to a deep psychological bond with his comrade-in-intent. The planets forming these progressions take an optimistic slant on the most part, especially while the supportive aspects are in place. However, in the winter of 2018-19, Putin’s progressed Moon will square Trump’s natal Saturn, and by 2020 his progressed Sun will conjunct Trump’s natal Moon, and soon after make an opposition to his natal Sun. These are harbingers, announcing reciprocal contacts ahead. The outlook leans toward a more polarized involvement; manifesting conflicting objectives, as well as bringing to fruition the hopes each have in the other. The caveat being, will the results benefit the average citizen in both the United States and Russia, or merely be another display of the two men placed under arresting circumstances?



The Sabian Symbols; Electricity’s Final Destination

Sabian Symbols are the symbolic, image manifestation of the 360 expressions of electromagnetic impulses emanating from the matrix of the electrical Solar System. Electromagnetism abounds everywhere in the cosmos and also in our physical being. We are the ultimate receptors of information that comes to us through transmitted light and energy. This light and energy has purpose and intelligence that when it arrives at its final destination, the human consciousness, it is translated into images and thought-forms. Letters and words are the symbols that when laced together give thought its foundational elements. Communication is the offspring of language, and feelings and emotions are the conductors of that intelligent form of idea exchange.

The body is composed of 98% water, which physics explains is the compound, along with salt, that conducts electricity. No one disputes the electrical function of the heart. But the entire body is a receptor for intelligent impulses on its way to create images and thoughts in the human brain. The planets create an electrical charge as they orbit the Sun, thus giving life to the interplay of cosmic forces. This is how the planets actually influence life on Earth. The planets are not only symbols of aspects of life, but are the source and mirroring function of the entire biosphere. The missing link as to the connection between the planets and life on Earth is electricity. The Solar System is a closed circuit and all the parts are links through light/energy/intelligence.

There are 360 degrees in the astrological circle, and each point is related to a specific expression of cosmic intelligence. These are the piano keys that strike a cord of varying frequencies that form the unique songs of each individual on Earth.

The planets, as they move into mathematical alignments with each other, coalesce and set off electrical charges. These then may spark the plasma of the physical body represented in the Natal positions of planets in an individual’s horoscope. The first responses are emotional and egocentric. They are understood better when the individual is open to observing the content of the mind. The Sabian Symbol can help to literally decode the purpose of the aspect. Each planet has its own frequency and combination of frequencies when in major relationship with each other.

There have been several versions of symbols created throughout history that apply to differing generations and cultures of people. The most updated version of a 360 degree picture description of the ecliptic are those that were created by the psychic Elsie Wheeler through the initiative of Marc Edmund Jones. They were sitting together in a car at Balboa Park in San Diego, California in 1925. Jones handed an unlined index card with the sign and degree of each of the 360 degrees to Wheeler and she without looking at it, spoke what came into her mind. Jones hurriedly wrote those brief descriptions down on each card and years after elaborated on their meanings. This gave birth to the Sabian Symbols in Astrology published in 1953. This original version of the symbols is used on this website. The well-known astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, was a contemporary of Marc Edmund Jones as well as his student. He popularized the cyclic use of the symbols with his interpretations in the 1974 publication of An Astrological Mandala.

For a complete story of the origins of the Sabian Symbols visit: Sabian Symbols History




Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist

nassim_harameinThere is controversy over the accuracy of many of the claims and discoveries shared with the audiences that gather to hear Nassim Haramein’s lectures. His lectures are interesting and stimulating because his point of view is unconventional. As far as data gathering goes, I searched the internet but was unable to uncover any indication of Haramein’s birth time. His birthday, month and year as well as location are on his Facebook page. Using that information, I have decided that 12 pm would present a reasonable picture of his astrological potentials, even if it is not as accurate as I would prefer. Many individuals do not know their birth times and yet an astrology chart can be set up for their birth as long as the astrologer remembers to take into account only those facts that would not change when a birth time is known. And using Marc Edmund Jones’ techniques, it is possible to get a fairly valid reading because these techniques transcend the otherwise limited tools of conventional astrology that are so dependent on the houses of a chart.

I call this analysis “Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist”, because he is causal in his approach and amiablenassimharamein2 in his demeanor – at least in the videos of his lectures available on YouTube. In my search for Haramein’s birth time, I came across several websites dedicated to debunking his message in the hopes of steering his followers away from his teachings. In their professional, and not so professional opinions, they claim Haramein inaccurately discusses a model of the universe and disregards the real laws of physics.

I think that they are doing a good job of keeping a balance in the name of honesty, but by trying to lessen an interest in Haramein’s ideas, many will miss out on some very interesting dialogue that explains the universe in terms of new meanings for old symbols and even meanings for symbols and geometric structures that haven’t had any meaning put forth for them in the first place. Haramein’s descriptions and animations on the spiraling solar system, also presented by the Electrical Universe – The Thunderbolt Project by David Talbott and Wal Thornhill, is a case in point. This understanding of the spiraling solar system, ever-moving out of previous space and into the new, not only gives astronomy a boost, but the idea of it brings clarification to the field of astrology as well.

I found Haramein’s chart as fascinating as I find his videos on so many topics. And for an analysis of it, I would like to start with the Natural Disposition which is Mutable and people-oriented, if the Fixed Opposition between Saturn and Mars is disregarded because of it being a few degrees beyond allowable orb. This would make him sincerely interested in the general public’s vision of the cosmos as it really is – at least in terms of Haramein’s understanding of it. A Mutable Disposition mentality has a concern for the welfare of others above one’s own. They tend to be the humanitarians in society.

The Temperament Type is a bit tricky because Mars is positioned just beyond the Delimiting Opposition of Jupiter to Uranus. This does put Mars as the leading planet of a Bowl if it were to be taken as one, and that points to the pioneering explorations Haramein has made within his own mind and the cosmos beyond. But there is another option that would not disregard the pioneer spirit and would account for his unique approach and character. That would be the Splay Temperament Type and always indicates an evolved personality and soul, which Haramein seems to fit into rather well. There are the three segments with empty signs between them to call for this typing, however, the Grand Trine is missing that would have brought even more reason to believe in selecting this Type over the Bowl. What is interesting is that the absence of the Grand Trine and the presence of the strong T-Cross gives testimony to the sheer hard work Haramein has put into his discoveries. The Natal Neptune Conjunct Retrograde Venus becomes Point Focus and REALIZATION becomes an important keyword in understanding the native’s joy of the process of research and discovery. The keyword for Scorpio is Creative, and together, the Retrograde Venus and the Neptunian subconscious emphasize Haramein’s impulse to search within for answers to the dominant questions that intrigue him.

Several of the Sabian Symbols are outstanding and literal, and here we see that the Leading Mars is in 18 degrees Leo; A teacher of chemistry. The entire interpretation is worth placing here:

LEO 18 A teacher of chemistry This is a symbol of the human mind’s illimitable power for penetrating into the deeper mysteries of an everyday world, and of the growing ambition of man to gain an effective control over all the processes of nature. Here is high organization of the intellectual faculties, and a special skill in the practical adaptation of scientific principles to commonplace problems. The individual is given a full sense of his creative responsibilities. The keyword is INSTRUCTION. When positive, the degree is exceptional self-confidence and a delight in subjecting all experience to the test of immediate application, and when negative, unintelligent dependence on supposition or rules of the book.

The original Sabian Symbol reads: An instructor in chemistry is conducting an experiment before his class, in the midst of a maze of apparatus.

dec_1962 The ephemeris graph shows three Stationary Retrogrades in Haramein’s life progressions (A fourth, Mercury, goes retrograde in later years). The first of the three we are discussing here is Uranus which retrogrades at the age of 21. This works in tandem to when Transit Saturn is doing its culminating Square to its Natal place before the Saturn Return in another seven years. Coming of age must have been important to Haramein, as these two planetary events occurring near the same time are indicating significant change in the life’s routine. This also leads up to even more significant developments at age 25 when Progressed Pluto turns Retrograde. At age 36, High Focus Leading planet Mars goes Stationary Retrograde. Unfortunately, there is not much information written on the internet that reveals the events in Haramein’s life that correspond to these Progressions, but pointing out these years will provide others who know him with some vital astrological information on the foundational aspects of his life development.

There are other interesting Sabian Symbols to point out and one that is as outstanding as the Mars symbol is the Sun degree at 28 Scorpio: The king of the fairies approaching his domain. This is a symbol of the eternal promise underlying all inner self-realization, since any actual fullness of life is altogether independent of the passing state of affairs in a world of time and space. Implicit in the symbolism is the futility of man’s common reliance on people and things through some mere accident of contact. Outer reality takes the form with which he endows it as he exercises his sovereignty over its various potentials in the creative realms of his own imagination. The keyword is ALLEGIANCE. When positive, the degree is a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness, and when negative, capricious self-indulgence.

Mentioned in other Planetary Dynamics posts, under the category of Sabian Symbols, are the few degrees that refer to otherworldly creatures. They are the “elfin” or “fairy” degrees. These confirm that the individuals whose planets are in these placements live by a code of life that differs greatly from those not as fortunate to have them. The “elfin” symbols refer to a subtle vibration allowing the native fewer constraints in everyday living and self-expression. On the other hand, nativities where these symbols play a prominent role, especially when they are the Sun or High Focus planet, show that the life must in some way be dedicated to assisting others in lieu of their own self-fulfillment. Those who bare these symbols in their charts are prone to living and thinking on levels of higher awareness. One might say that they have a more direct line to cosmic information and are the humanitarians of race.

In a YouTube video, Nassim and his wife Amber discuss, along with others, orgasms that can be experienced when giving birth. Amber apparently experienced one and is shown in the video with her face breaking into a blissful state. Haramenin’s Venus degree, which indicates the woman in his life among other things, is: A girl’s face breaking into a smile. View YouTube video for the Amber interview.   




His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama greets an audience before his religious speech in Tokyo, Monday, Nov. 25, 2013. The Dalai Lama is in Japan for a 12-day visit to deliver speeches.(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Throughout the long history of humanity’s presence on Earth, great minds have attempted to answer the mysteries of life; its origin, its purpose. As these penetrating minds gazed outward into the vast visible universe, and searched inside to view its micro-components, they were participating in the creation of science and religion as we know it today. All that they discovered has developed over millennia to draw conclusions that are then assumed to be the Laws of Physics. But our unpredictable universe defies status quo and continually challenges us to find ever-new answers to age-old questions. We are constantly on the threshold of new discoveries and so it is to our advantage that we hold off on our final judgments as to the ultimate nature things, and try to live in a flexible, mindful state of awareness; always being receptive to the new, always ready to assimilate unexpected new perspectives.  An example in astrology where the laws of the physical world break down is in the retrograde motion of planets. See blog post: Retrograde Planets Prove Universe is Mind

Astrologers look for indications in a natal chart that reflect the realities of a person’s life and what makes them think, feel and respond the way they do. One of the most intriguing charts of prominent spiritual leaders is that of the Dalai Lama. How spiritual potentials reveal themselves is a special type of analysis, and the birth chart of the Dalai Lama shows several obvious signs of personal evolution. The interpretation of the chart of the Dalai Lama will begin with the 16 Point Analysis, from The Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. Only a sampling of the points will be covered.


The Dalai Lama has Oppositions in both Fixed and Mutable signs, and so the emphasis of interest lies in the missing quadrature, and is known as Negative Cardinal, because of the lack of its presence in the horoscope. A compensation takes place to draw attention to immediate circumstances and is crises oriented. This is something that easily points to the Chinese invasion of Tibet during the very early years of the Dalai Lama’s life. Cardinal emphasis is also politically minded, and for many years it fell upon the Dalai Lama to be the leader in the strategy that would govern his people and bring them safely into their present living circumstances.

The two Oppositions draw the mind’s focus out to two distinct interests, and cause a shift of attention to “this, and now that” interest. The dilemma of having to choose between several involvements is resolved through attention to the immediate demands of the present moment which is a Cardinal characteristic. It is the missing quadrature of Cardinal signs and its need for attention to immediate critical issues. The Cardinal signs are related to the active 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. Because of its immediacy and focus in the now, it is ready, restless and opportunistic. In the Dalai Lama’s case, this allows him to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to express his views on the principles (Fixed) of Buddhism, and to integrate those principles in active relationship (Mutable) with others. The excitation of the Cardinal impulse imbues the native with a vivacious energy that endears him to all who come in contact with him.


The overall outlook and general response to life is determined by the Temperament Type. There are seven Types or patterns, three of which have been in use since ancient times. They are the Bundle, the Bowl and the See-Saw. In the mid 1900s Marc Edmund Jones added the Bucket, the Splash, the Locomotive and the Splay and with far more detailed descriptions. The Dalai Lama’s horoscope is the Locomotive Temperament and this Type, along with the Splay, are more complex and evolved because they are base on a division of the circle by three. The others are based on a division of the circle by two.

The Locomotive builds on the Grand Trine in this chart and it encourages a pyramiding development of personality. The soul projects itself through the Cutting planet Saturn, so that the Dalai Lama can be seen as following traditions and limitations of a very specific doctrine. Those who are spiritual without holding to tight traditions are more likely under the influence of Uranus. The Locomotive is characteristic of a powerful driving personality which is set and supported by the ever-spiraling and revolving Grand Trine. The open Trine projects the personality and goals onto others, whether for good or evil. In the Dalai Lama’s case, the mission is to help others understand more deeply the wisdom of Buddhism and its focus on disciplined meditation, contemplation and compassion. All these attributes closely relate to the attributes of Saturn, and in the sign of Pisces, it brings the topic of compassion perpetually into the Dalai Lama’s message to the multitudes.


The planets are divided into pairs, Sun/Moon of Vitality, Jupiter/Saturn of Motivation, Mars/Venus of Efficiency and Uranus/Neptune of Significance. Mercury and Pluto are supernumerary, with Mercury belonging to Efficiency and Pluto belonging to the Significant pair. It is favorable to have two of the pairs in major aspect and two not, so that the individual has only to integrate two modes of being in order to have ease in self-determination. The chart of the Dalai Lama has all pairs aspected and this causes the psyche to become overloaded with possibilities, and it creates a plethora of outer involvements that one needs to integrate into a cohesive whole. There is often a feeling of being lost within too much stimulus and opportunity, but the Mode of Self-Integration can help to focus the attention on a specific direction so as to counter any disintegration caused by amplified stimulation.

THE MODE OF SELF-INTEGRATION in a chart that has all pairs aspected has to be determined through symmetry and weight, rather than by major aspect. In the Dalai Lama’s case the Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus/Neptune are forming an interesting symmetrical pattern. Both pairs are in Trine with their partners and the members of the separate pairs are in Sextile with one of the other’s pair and Opposite the other. A complex but extremely interesting configuration. Out of the six possible Modes of Integration the Dalai Lama is Subjective Function. This means that ultimately the Dalai Lama keeps his own council. He goes within to confer with his own wisdom and response to outer stimulus with a comprehension based on his own experience. A person with Objective Function is capable and even craves a project to be done by the dictates of outside influence. Not so with Subjective Function. Direction of the life emerges from within and a belief in oneself and ones own abilities takes precedence over the demands and influence of others. Subjective Function is very fitting for an individual who must stand as an example of how all souls should conduct themselves.


The Grand Water Trine is a Focal Determinator that has very tight orbs in the chart of the Dalai Lama. The free-flowing water element encourages the native to expand outward, embrace and be absorbed by all with whom he comes in contact – that is the nature of water; to permeate. The Grand Trine is an integral part of the Locomotive pattern in this chart, because Saturn is both the Cutting Planet which leads the others into the empty space of a Trine, but it also is one of the three planets involved in the Grand Trine itself. Because Saturn is leading into an empty space with no other planet interfering with its energy, it becomes High Focus – and by that it becomes an important Focal Determinator.  Saturn becomes super-powered and its archetypal meaning becomes amplified. Saturn, along with its partner Jupiter are the planets of Motivation. The inner stirrings and conscious sensitivity to right and wrong are one of the attributes of self-awareness. Meditation is a reflective process which illuminates one’s behavior to itself. When one experiences conscious pain, it is because the planet Saturn’s energy/intelligence is activated within the soul. Surrendering to the humbling process relieves the tension. Fighting the truth sets the stage for escapism to avoid a painful conscience.  When one accepts limitations they become stepping stones and guidelines for success. Jupiter as the positive and outward ambassador of the personality works hand-in-hand with Saturn’s double-checking on the continuous correction process of the soul. The Dalai Lama performs specific spiritual practices, meditation, mind development and control that are sympathetic with the meaning of the planet Saturn as well as with his Tibetan culture.

The keyword for Saturn in normal strength is Sensitiveness, but when emphasized by being Point or High Focus, the Keyword becomes SHREWD. The Dalai Lama has had to use his subjective ingenuity toward the Chinese who oppose his birthright. He has had to be Shrewd in the way he opposes his “enemies” and he does this by applying his Buddhist principles of forgiveness, non-violence and compassion toward those who have infringed upon his domain. True to the nature of the expanding water element, the Dalai Lama’s exile has been to the world’s advantage. Had he been able to rule and lead in his own country without interference from outside sources he would not have had such an overwhelming influence for good upon the world.

Often astrologers believe that the Grand Trine can be a detriment, because of its nature to groove into patterns of negativity as well as positive habitual behavior. What the Grand Trine actually represents is degree of harmony achieved. Not understanding this can deplete its potentials for good. With the Dalai Lama’s practice and deep understanding, this Focal Determinator gives him an outlet for continuous manifestation of enlightening reason as a response to potential daily challenges that the Opposition from Saturn to Moon and Neptune represent.

The Grand Trine shows flow and ease in manner and there is added power to this particular Grand Trine, because of the Locomotive Temperament Type to which it gives structure. There is a driving force of the personality, but the caution of Saturn at the helm allows for precise dissemination of wisdom.

The water signs are permeable, receptive and sensitive to feeling and especially compassion. Saturn in the compassionate sign of Pisces is the Leading planet and so is High Focus and Shrewd in its manifestation of his position as spiritual leader of the Tibetan people in exile. He has to remain strong in his beliefs and practices and present a message that encourages his people to adhere to their ancient roots. Along with Saturn being in High Focus the sign of Pisces is also amplified by its Leading into the empty Trine of the locomotive. If the birth time is correct than the placement of the Leading planet and sign are in the all-important 10th house of Authority among men. Revealing a true leader of mankind.

Saturn as the unchallenged focus of the chart is in Trine with Jupiter and creates a Loose Destiny (a feature of self-determination) that allows the Dalai Lama an easy association with everyone effortlessly. This one of the planetary pairs is in company with the other three pairs in major aspect which has been mentioned above.

Age 6 Dalai Lama's Jupiter Stations Direct - corresponds to enthronement ceremony held in Lhasa
Age 6 Dalai Lama’s Jupiter Stations Direct – corresponds to enthronement ceremony held in Lhasa

The Dalai Lama was discovered  and enthroned when he was just 5 years old, corresponding to Progressed Jupiter Stationary Direct shown in the ephemeris for July 12, 1935 – 5 or 6 years after birth. Jupiter represents personal advancement as the paternal leader-to-be. This position of leadership becomes the good fortune for all people worldwide.

Progressed Stations are a halt in time and space to change and rearrange things, within and without, in the greater journey of continuous growth toward understanding and truth.

The official enthronement ceremony as political leader of Tibet took place on November 17, 1950 also in Lhasa. The Progressed chart shows dynamic Saturn completing the Opposition to Natal Moon as promised in the Natal potentials. The exact aspect brings the leader into his responsibilities at an early age.

The Sabian Symbol for the powerful Leading Natal Saturn is Men seeking illumination. 

This is an amazing testimony to the literal manifestation of the Symbols. Pisces 11 degrees, page 311 Sabian Symbols in Astrology: This is the symbol of the immortality of man as dramatized in some form of an apostolic succession, or living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself, since its continuance depends on its unswerving maintenance of the purity of motive and expression it has contributed to the humanity it has created in its own image. . . . When positive, the degree is high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality.

The apostolic succession mentioned in the symbol gives conformation to the way in which the Dalai Lamas have always been chosen. They are chosen from a line of spiritual descendants, and it is uncanny how this symbol has described this unique detail of the procedure.

DLPeacePrize2 July 17, 1989 was the year representing the culmination of a life’s work when the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Prize for Peace. This was a very special year for the Dalai Lama in that the very important Progressed Lunation is in its exact core and very close to a following Progressed Lunar Return. These aspects are also Conjunct his Natal Part of Fortune at 5 degrees Virgo of A man dreaming of fairies. 

According to Marc Edmund Jones; “the Part of Fortune is your special horizon of success and it will give a significant insight into the potentials of accomplishment through the sign, house and symbolical degree where it is found.”

5 degrees Virgo is unique in the 360 degree possibilities, as this particular one is a member of a handful of degrees that reflect an other-worldliness, because they are represented by images of imaginative creatures such as fairies, elves and the like. They are referred to as Elfin degrees by Marc Edmund Jones, and they point to an incarnation of a spiritual soul, not able to live for himself alone, but as manifestations of something greater than themselves. Natives with these degrees are often obligated to be of service to others, and the Dalai Lama is a great candidate and representative of that purpose. Not all individuals understand the calling, and may fall short of a sacrificing attitude. However the Dalai Lama not only is qualified to be a leader of human goodness, but he won the world’s recognition for his great example of compassionate living because of it.

There are subtle vibrations associated with these fairy degrees. It is like the difference between standard broadcasting and cable connections. Cable can tune into higher frequencies, as people with fairy degrees can tune into higher conscious vibrations. It should always refer to the planet or point that coordinates with the degree, and if it is a Focal Determinator or simply a random point in the horoscope it will be strengthened or weakened respectively.

A Progressed Lunation is a powerful Aspect with powerful consequences for good or difficult times. There is usually a period of 3 years where there is a closing of old ways and an opening of new opportunities. There is also the tendency for a crises to arise during this time, because the ego wants to hold on to the past, and the Progressed Lunation is a time of rebirth and new cycles. A new seed of life is being planted. Here in the chart of the Dalai Lama there is an epic and rewarding moment, and it is further enhanced by the Progressed Lunation taking place in one of the very few Elfin degrees.

When reviewing the findings of the content of the Dalai Lama’s chart potentials, it is apparent that this is an incarnation of special purpose. The native of the horoscope has well expressed the profound potentials revealed by the unique configurations analyzed in this astrological report.

From NobelPrize.org: https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1989/lama-facts.html

From his exile in India, the religious and political leader the Dalai Lama has since 1959 stood at the head of the nonviolent opposition to China’s occupation of Tibet.

When the Nobel Committee chose the Dalai Lama, it emphasized that he based his Buddhist peace philosophy on reverence for all living things and the idea of a universal responsibility that embraces both man and nature. It weighed heavily in the Tibetan leader’s favor that he had showed willingness to compromise and seek reconciliation despite brutal violations.

The award of the Peace Prize gave the Dalai Lama the opportunity to present a plan for the restoration of peace and human rights in Tibet. In the plan he recommended that the country be turned into an ecologically stable and demilitarized zone that might serve as a buffer between major Asian powers. The object was to set in motion serious negotiations on the future status of Tibet, but this was rejected by the Chinese government.

Update 8/31/16: The Solar Eclipse today will be Conjunct The Dalai Lama’s Neptune and Opposite his Leading planet Saturn. He should be in the news as this is an activation of his 3rd and 9th houses. With Neptune involved, there is a gaining of responsibilities as well as losing them.

Update 12/19/16: The movie documentary, Dalai Lama Awakening, narrated by Harrison Ford has been released. Apparently there was a movie being made while Neptune was doing its Transit on Saturn, and with the Solar Eclipse, it manifested into something of an important product.




Crowds Coming Down the Mountain – Thich Nhat Hanh


As I write this post, Transit Mars is Stationary Direct on my Natal Sun position at 23 degrees Scorpio. Mars in Transit is rounded to 24 Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for Mars at 24 degrees is Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.

Yesterday, I was watching Oprah Winfrey on YouTube in an interview with Thich Nhat Hanh. I had been watching YouTube videos all week about the Dalai Lama, and then decided to branch out and view other spiritual leaders. But it was when watching Thich Nhat Hanh that I wondered if Mars was in the degree mentioned above – and sure enough it was. All of my mentors throughout my life were men; Roy Masters, Ray Johnson and then Marc Edmund Jones, to name the prominent ones. In my natal chart I have Mars Conjunct Saturn and that has brought these wise men into my life. While I was watching The Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh, I felt it was synchronous with Transit Mars so close to my Sun degree and that they were manifesting my natal potentials once again. But I realize now that I am my own teacher, but it is always uplifting to have spiritual souls in my life, even if they are not in the flesh.


But what makes the Transit Mars so interesting is that Thich Nhat Hanh’s Natal Saturn degree is 24 Scorpio and Transit Mars was passing over the symbol mentioned above: Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man. Life brought this person to my attention and I can see the astrological correlations that brought it there.*  It is always a special experience when these “magical” factors arise to be witnessed and wondered about. It is like having a special relationship with the cosmos and being let in on a secret, with confirmation that there is indeed a plan and destiny at work in our lives.

Take note that Hanh’s Uranus degree is A Harvest Moon. The positive meaning of the symbol is: “Self-completion which is successful beyond any possibility of measure.” And this planet is in a loose Grand Trine (GT) with Saturn and Pluto – just 1 degree outside normal orbs for Pluto applying to Uranus. The Pluto degree is, A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him. This is all testimony to the great potentials, from the past and into the now and future, that a Grand Trine’s presence can herald.

There is a Grand Square that puts challenge into play at every point in life. And thanks to its participation in the Grand Trine with its contact with Saturn, the Grand Square conflicts bring out the Grand Trine wisdom of the man. He stood as a beacon of Light for those who read and hear his message from his prolific manuscripts at the bottom of a mountain of knowledge.

*Some astrologers believe that the planets and life on Earth synchronize, to borrow a term from Jung, and indeed so did Marc Edmund Jones, although he called Correspondence. Others believe that the heavenly bodies dictate our fate through their irrepressible interactions and impulses of magnetic-energies. Without committing to either exclusively, I believe we live within the combined realm of the two ever-present factors. Like a remote control over a television, garage door or any other non-wired device, we dance to the tune of heavenly, tonal vibrations – just as puppets on invisible strings. And yet my daily choices allow me the freedom to obey or disobey according to the dictates of my conscience. It is all happening in mind that is in relationship to its outer projected hologram.