Steve Jobs and Apple II


Introduced Apple II was introduced to the public April 16, 1977. Steve Jobs’ Progressed Moon, an aspect with the duration of three months,  was exactly opposite his Natal Uranus at that time. Uranus is all things unique and out of the box. But in this case it was something very unusual inside a box. Uranus is associated with electronics and out-of-the-ordinary, innovative and unconventional products and experience. The planet is associated with independence and individuality, something that millions of individuals worldwide are experiencing to the fullest extent, ever since Apple II came on the market. Individuals can express themselves freely and personally, directly to the rest of the world. The “box” offered humanity an unhindered connection to an interactive global society. All this thanks to the work and intelligence of a few passionate innovative minds.

The natal placement of Uranus is unique in that the original Sabian Symbol describing it is A leader of men erect and fearless suddenly finds thrown across his right shoulder an invisible mantle of power. 

The keyword is DESTINY, however there is much more astounding information to be read in the entire description of the symbol. Jobs was known to show a dramatic manifestation of genius to the world, but he was also known to have been quite self-centered as well. Both of these attributes can be found in the positive and negative description below. 25cancer2

Although Uranus is not High or Point Focus in the chart, it does take part in a Grand Square and is Conjunct Jupiter, which greatly expands its influence. The Grand Cross is a Focal Determinator and facilitator of physical manifestation. The world of matter is based on a firm foundation of the 90 degree angle. In a completely well-balanced configuration it is immovable. Uranus adds its genius for innovation to the native’s mentality, and in the sign of Cancer it expands without limitation.

Synchronous with the introduction and record sales of his empowering product, was Jobs’ Progressed Jupiter Station in 1977. This is the astrological confirmation of the importance of his life-altering contribution to the global population. Natal Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and in the Sabian degree of A prima donna singing. The keyword is EXCELLENCE. Progressed Venus had been Conjunct Natal Mercury throughout 1976 , showing that there was a strong focus on finalizing the details of his product that would soon bring financial and personal success.

The only limitation for Jobs was his relatively short life. Illness is a concern with a placement of the Sun in the 6th house of health issues. And interestingly, his name is certainly fitting the meaning of the 6th house, because the 6th is about hard work and effort in the workplace, and service and jobs in general. Resigning from his own company is not unusual for someone with the Sun in the 6th, because sensitivity to those above and below you is part of the 6th house experience. He does have planets in the 10 house of authority over others, and he did wield his power ruthlessly over employees at times, but the Sun in the 6th house is forever encountering difficulties for himself. Tinkering with something or refining an idea until it is perfect is part of the 6th house experience.natal

Thanks to the wide 17 degree orb of the Sun, there is a Grand Trine that facilitates his inner ingenuity. He was not so much the inventor, but the visionary and marketer, and he instinctively knew how to keep things in pyramiding development. The Sun makes an Opposition to Pluto, the planet facilitating mass production, and in the Sabian Symbol of  A rainbow. The keyword is SIGNIFICANCE, mirroring the category of Significance with which Pluto takes part as a supernumerary planet in company with the Uranus/Neptune planetary pair. When positive, the degree is “a sense of very real spiritual power and presence in all personal effort and desire, and when negative, an uncritical acceptance of every passing hope or dream on which to depend.” Jobs was known to pursue spirituality and lived an austere life style. The Far East had a calling for him in his early years, and the “zen” simplicity of style merged into his product designs as well as in his home decor.

Jobs had a Cardinal Natural Disposition and that led him to be opportunistic, restless, political, immediate and impatient in all his interests. His Temperament Type is a Splay, thanks to the Grand Trine that holds the three segments together. His captivating and pyramiding personality developed over the course of his lifetime and became the archetype of one who influences others by sheer personal power. He endowed everyone with the ability to express their own individual gifts through the ubiquitous personal computer. This is a positive characteristic of the Grand Trine in one’s natal chart.

Shown with green lines is a Point Focus Saturn of a T-cross if the Opposition of Mercury to Pluto is allowed with an orb 57 minutes over the 10 degree limit. This points to Shrewd creativity, when handling personal possessions as indicated by its placement in the 2nd house. The Sabian Symbol is Hunter starting out for ducks. The keyword is ENTERPRISE. Saturn is in the creative sign of Scorpio and this offers Jobs a powerful control over the resources he considers his own. If he seemed hard and cold at times it would be to protect an inner sensitivity that was not easily seen by others. His self-seeking Cardinal Disposition was the outer personal image of a sometimes overly sensitive Sun in Pisces Trine Saturn in Scorpio.

Mercury was Retrograde Stationary going Direct one day after Jobs was born. Being born when any planet is Stationary empowers that planet to dominate the life. Endowed with cleverness and a penetrating perception, Jobs’ mind was super-powered to produce a plethora of products, all designed to enhance the lives of every person on the planet fortunate enough to afford these now essential personal accoutrements. ProNatalDeath2

Steve Jobs died from complications of pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011. He was 56 years old, and this corresponds with the extremely important Progressed Lunation happening at that time. Progressed Lunations show a period of about 3 years of life-changing experiences. Circumstances as they were previously, now come to an end, and a new seed and cycle begins. In Jobs’ case the Progressed Lunation took place in his 8th house of the ultimate transition, death. The struggle must have been fierce with the Progressed Sun and Mercury passing over Natal Mars in Aries the previous year. The Progressed Moon intensified the Conjunction and brought things to an ultimate end. The profound effect that his death would have in the lives of others is clearly an 8th house emphasis. How others view and accept us is an 8th house matter.

The gifts his ideas gave to the world will forever be remembered, because his contribution changed the world forever. His life-work empowered, and continues to enhance, the ordinary citizen with the personal computer and other devices needed to launch individual self-expression.




The Connective Electrical Planetary Powers and Human Receptors


The Sun is the central source of information/intelligence infused into the separate attributes of the circling planets. The reflected light and magnetic energies of the planets themselves in turn influence the final combination of signals received by humans on Earth. The interrelationship of Sun and planets and their continuous undulating and spiraling configurations imbue the Earth and its inhabitants with the motivating energies needed to play out the purpose of their lives.

These informative energies of the solar system travel through the human body via the seven energy wheels, more commonly known by the Sanskrit word, Chakras. These energies coalesce into thought-forms arriving eventually at their destination in the personal mind of a human being. Other creatures and life-forms get their dictates from the same source, however, humans are endowed with a mirroring factor we call consciousness. Here within the mind’s imagination, is where ultimate realization takes place, where it transforms its ideation and imagery into outer material forms of creative expression, manifested by the hand of humankind.

The missing link has always been a question to solve. Not in terms of humans in relationship to apes, but humans in relationship to the planets. The question is: What is the connective substance that allows a mirroring of planetary movements with events on Earth. The Electrical Universe is the answer, with the vibrational relationship of planets to Chakras. In that model, the planets in the Solar System experience continual electrical charges between each other, dependent upon their mutual positions. This relates to the fact that astrologers use mathematical calculations known as Aspects to determine the effect that planets have on humankind. The entire Solar System is thus in constant electrical excitation, and these charges effect the Earth’s biosphere instantaneously. There is no empty space in this model, however the atoms in the universe have a degree of separation and this is known as plasma. Within this realm electromagnetic intelligence moves and has its being.


In any electric circuit, the smallest particle of electrical energy is NOT the electron. The smallest particle of energy is the “unit quantum” of electromagnetic energy: it is the photon. Electrons are not particles of EM energy, neither do they carry the energy as they travel in the circuit. Electricity is ‘made’ of electrons and protons, while electrical energy is electromagnetism and is ‘made’ of photons.




US Horoscope and Presidents Past, Present and Future

March 20, 2003 is the date of the invasion of Iraq by United States and European military forces. At precisely 5:33 pm, the first bomb explosions were heard in Baghdad, Iraq. US government officials assured the American public that the initiative of the ShockUSAiraq2 and Awe military maneuver would be of short duration. Viewing the bi-wheel of the US and invasion charts shows Transit Pluto coming to an Opposition to the US Natal Mars. This aspect alone reveals that the event would be a long and arduous one, contrary to the announcement that it would be a quick and passing event, which was followed by the “Mission Accomplished” speech on May 1, 2003. Transits involving Pluto are always of very long duration, because Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets, and for that reason the issues occurring at the time of its influence become life changing for personal, national and/or international entities.

The Transit of Pluto Opposite the US Natal Mars took place over a span of two and a half years to complete its mission. But an interesting feature of this long transit is that on March 23 of 2003, Pluto was Stationing for the first time within a degree of the US Natal Mars at 19 Sagittarius 57 – only 15 minutes over the allowable orb for a Transit. But even more compelling is that Natal Pluto was Stationing Opposite George W. Bush’s Natal Uranus and North Node – these both being Conjunct the US Natal Mars.

Transit Saturn is also involved in the configuration by its presence in Conjunction with US Natal Mars and Bush’s NatalWASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 24: Former U.S. President George W. Bush addresses a summit on "creating employment opportunities for post-9/11 veterans and military families" at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce June 24, 2015 in Washington, DC. Sponsored by the chamber's Hiring Our Heroes program and the George W. Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative, the event also served as a launch for the Veteran Employment Transition (VET) Roadmap, a military transition guide. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Uranus. It is a double hit on the initiative of the US, with pressures from those in authority as shown by its placement in the 10th house, i.e., George W. who initiated (Mars) the war in his unconventionalGeorgeBush way, true to the manner of Uranus which Transit Pluto was opposing in his Natal chart at that time. Uranus and North Node are circled in red in Bush’s chart.

It takes 248 years for Pluto to travel thru the signs and houses at approximately 11 to 30 years per sign, depending on retrograde motions and elliptical orbit. Because of Pluto’s very long Transits it is sometimes not taken into consideration that there is a period of influence that exceeds the generally accepted orbs. Issues in a personal life or that of a nation develop slowly, sometimes building imperceptibly over decades. The beginnings of Gulf War II in the minds of its creators began far in advance of exact aspects. But it is the exact aspects involving Stationary contacts that reveal the actual outward appearances of a slowly progressing inner resolve.

Conspiracy theories have been cropping up since the Twin Towers were demolished in 2001. Pluto is often involved in any situation where the truth is not easily revealed, although the keyword for Pluto in Mundane (political) astrology is Probity. The connections are clear, both in real life and astrologically, that presidents influence the general state of affairs of the group they are the surrogates for, whether for good or evil. Probity is a rare attribute and it is never certain as to its genuineness when viewing it from the outside. One must know oneself ultimately from within; Probity is in the mind of the beholder after all, and as a country goes, it is seen or not seen in historical context.

A look at Hillary Clinton’s potential relationship with the American people can be seen in her Natal planet contacts with the US planetary positions. The bi-wheel shows Hillary’s Moon in the outer wheel exactly Opposite the US Natal Neptune. This aspect is ideal for perceiving the needs of the American public and feeling obligated to do something about them. Mutable sign oppositions show an interest in the people and their welfare, above the immediate Cardinal need to fulfill oneself, or to follow ideals and principles from an emphasis of the Fixed signs. photo Hillary’s Moon in Pisces is sympathetic and compassionate toward all people everywhere. Oppositions engage others and magnetically pulls them together or polarizes them. Neptune is one of the planets of Significance, and with Hillary’s personable Moon in direct communication with the masses (Neptune), she is able to show that she is willing to hold up her end of the responsibilities of governing. Her slogan for the 2016 campaign is “stronger together,” and that suUSclintonms up what this connection between charts can mean if she becomes the 45th US president. Her track record of putting children and women’s issues in the forefront of her mission through her early years is confirmation of her commitment toward others, and it is a testimony to the honest sacrifice she promises when possibly taking the reins to yet more service to her country.

There is a great deal revealed about her and her contribution in this aspect. Neptune is the planet of obligation and authority to fulfill a broadened and comprehensive vision, especially in the field of health and jobs. A Moon in Pisces is synonymous with compassion and self-sacrifice. The Sabian Symbol is Spiritist Phenomena. This degree and Moon position in Pisces polarizes her with the American people in both positive and negative ways. There may always be a cloud surrounding her past. But her overall contribution, on the other hand holds much to be proud of, giving hope that the future brings more of the same.

The Part of Fortune in the two charts are within 1 degree of Conjunction. While Hillary is in service of the US government she will be assured of continuing material success, because this particular Part reveals the place of greatest potentials for manifestation of personal vision. Hillary Clinton has benefited by being in public office, as well as benefiting all who come in contact with her sympathies.



Donald Trump has numerous planetary contacts with the US chart. His Sun position is Conjunct the US Mars, and his Natal Moon is exactly opposite. This configuration is very exciting and stimulating for both the US population and Trump. Early in his career, Trump was inspired to take on Manhattan. His real estate endeavors pulled NYC out of a slump, and NYC gave him a place to start building his empire. Trump received accolades from NYC officials for his efforts to turn NYC around. 

The Sabian Symbol of the US Mars is a Labor Demonstration. And the symbol for Donald’s Moon is A Chinese Laundry. Here are indications of a general interest in business as opposed to Trump’s current interest in politics.

The US activities under the Mars influence stimulates Trump personally to fulfill some of his ambitious purpose (Sun) and to have a general touch with the US public. The aspect is strengthened emotionally through the US Mars Opposition to Trump’s Natal Moon. In general the planets of Vitality in Trump’s chart give him a place to put his energies; that is in the economic heart of the country. Branding his name on any project that will tolerate it is part of his marking his territory and fulfilling his ego through the Sun and Moon; the Sun representing his ego and the Moon representing his need for public recognition. photo Trump

Trump’s Natal Saturn and Venus straddle the US Mercury making him ultra-sensitive (Saturn) to the basic mindset of the American public’s attitude and perspective. He pours his money (Venus) into projects where he can gain the most for his investments both financially and in terms of personal status and gratification. The US Mercury Sabian Symbol is A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder. It is a degree of destiny and power.

What these three presidential figures in this post have in common, with Bill Clinton included, is the Sharp Destiny shown by a Jupiter/Saturn in Square aspect. This is an aspect putting pressure on the individual to act in accordance with good conscience. All four have been scrutinized to an astounding degree, and especially Bill Clinton. Herein lies the difficulty of being born with this type of aspect and destiny. This is a good indication that if there is wrong-doing in the life of the native, it will surely be brought to the public’s attention.

If one wants to locate the source of Trump’s refusal to follow advice to be more mature and presidential it is in the placement of his Natal and High Focus Leading Uranus. A High Focus Uranus usually acts independently of rational behavior, even to its own detriment. It’s uncontrollable and at times extremely disturbing. It can repulse rather than attract, and with each new radical and spontaneous comment, it is bringing him ever farther and farther from his objective to be popular in the public’s eye. A Natal Uranus in Opposition to Natal Moon polarizes others in a shocking manner, with verbal (Gemini) insults thrown into the arena in constant disregard for the feelings of others (Moon).

In light of the recent video of Oct. 10, it is hard to tell yet whether this storm will actually have an ultimately negative effect on the Trump campaign. The fact that there are no really strong Transit and Progressed indications of outer planets making hard aspects with his Natal planet locations shields him from the devastating effects it would have if the chart was truly “hot” at this time.

Trump’s Progressed Sun is just coming out of the 12th house of experience behind the scenes to move toward a more overt presence in the lives of others. It is also leaving the sign of Leo where the native has had the license to indulge in self-expression without restraint. Now that the Progressed Sun is doing an ingress into Virgo, there will be a necessity to make serious adjustments in character in order to more successfully associate with the members of his chosen milieu.




His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama greets an audience before his religious speech in Tokyo, Monday, Nov. 25, 2013. The Dalai Lama is in Japan for a 12-day visit to deliver speeches.(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Throughout the long history of humanity’s presence on Earth, great minds have attempted to answer the mysteries of life; its origin, its purpose. As these penetrating minds gazed outward into the vast visible universe, and searched inside to view its micro-components, they were participating in the creation of science and religion as we know it today. All that they discovered has developed over millennia to draw conclusions that are then assumed to be the Laws of Physics. But our unpredictable universe defies status quo and continually challenges us to find ever-new answers to age-old questions. We are constantly on the threshold of new discoveries and so it is to our advantage that we hold off on our final judgments as to the ultimate nature things, and try to live in a flexible, mindful state of awareness; always being receptive to the new, always ready to assimilate unexpected new perspectives.  An example in astrology where the laws of the physical world break down is in the retrograde motion of planets. See blog post: Retrograde Planets Prove Universe is Mind

Astrologers look for indications in a natal chart that reflect the realities of a person’s life and what makes them think, feel and respond the way they do. One of the most intriguing charts of prominent spiritual leaders is that of the Dalai Lama. How spiritual potentials reveal themselves is a special type of analysis, and the birth chart of the Dalai Lama shows several obvious signs of personal evolution. The interpretation of the chart of the Dalai Lama will begin with the 16 Point Analysis, from The Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. Only a sampling of the points will be covered.


The Dalai Lama has Oppositions in both Fixed and Mutable signs, and so the emphasis of interest lies in the missing quadrature, and is known as Negative Cardinal, because of the lack of its presence in the horoscope. A compensation takes place to draw attention to immediate circumstances and is crises oriented. This is something that easily points to the Chinese invasion of Tibet during the very early years of the Dalai Lama’s life. Cardinal emphasis is also politically minded, and for many years it fell upon the Dalai Lama to be the leader in the strategy that would govern his people and bring them safely into their present living circumstances.

The two Oppositions draw the mind’s focus out to two distinct interests, and cause a shift of attention to “this, and now that” interest. The dilemma of having to choose between several involvements is resolved through attention to the immediate demands of the present moment which is a Cardinal characteristic. It is the missing quadrature of Cardinal signs and its need for attention to immediate critical issues. The Cardinal signs are related to the active 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. Because of its immediacy and focus in the now, it is ready, restless and opportunistic. In the Dalai Lama’s case, this allows him to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to express his views on the principles (Fixed) of Buddhism, and to integrate those principles in active relationship (Mutable) with others. The excitation of the Cardinal impulse imbues the native with a vivacious energy that endears him to all who come in contact with him.


The overall outlook and general response to life is determined by the Temperament Type. There are seven Types or patterns, three of which have been in use since ancient times. They are the Bundle, the Bowl and the See-Saw. In the mid 1900s Marc Edmund Jones added the Bucket, the Splash, the Locomotive and the Splay and with far more detailed descriptions. The Dalai Lama’s horoscope is the Locomotive Temperament and this Type, along with the Splay, are more complex and evolved because they are base on a division of the circle by three. The others are based on a division of the circle by two.

The Locomotive builds on the Grand Trine in this chart and it encourages a pyramiding development of personality. The soul projects itself through the Cutting planet Saturn, so that the Dalai Lama can be seen as following traditions and limitations of a very specific doctrine. Those who are spiritual without holding to tight traditions are more likely under the influence of Uranus. The Locomotive is characteristic of a powerful driving personality which is set and supported by the ever-spiraling and revolving Grand Trine. The open Trine projects the personality and goals onto others, whether for good or evil. In the Dalai Lama’s case, the mission is to help others understand more deeply the wisdom of Buddhism and its focus on disciplined meditation, contemplation and compassion. All these attributes closely relate to the attributes of Saturn, and in the sign of Pisces, it brings the topic of compassion perpetually into the Dalai Lama’s message to the multitudes.


The planets are divided into pairs, Sun/Moon of Vitality, Jupiter/Saturn of Motivation, Mars/Venus of Efficiency and Uranus/Neptune of Significance. Mercury and Pluto are supernumerary, with Mercury belonging to Efficiency and Pluto belonging to the Significant pair. It is favorable to have two of the pairs in major aspect and two not, so that the individual has only to integrate two modes of being in order to have ease in self-determination. The chart of the Dalai Lama has all pairs aspected and this causes the psyche to become overloaded with possibilities, and it creates a plethora of outer involvements that one needs to integrate into a cohesive whole. There is often a feeling of being lost within too much stimulus and opportunity, but the Mode of Self-Integration can help to focus the attention on a specific direction so as to counter any disintegration caused by amplified stimulation.

THE MODE OF SELF-INTEGRATION in a chart that has all pairs aspected has to be determined through symmetry and weight, rather than by major aspect. In the Dalai Lama’s case the Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus/Neptune are forming an interesting symmetrical pattern. Both pairs are in Trine with their partners and the members of the separate pairs are in Sextile with one of the other’s pair and Opposite the other. A complex but extremely interesting configuration. Out of the six possible Modes of Integration the Dalai Lama is Subjective Function. This means that ultimately the Dalai Lama keeps his own council. He goes within to confer with his own wisdom and response to outer stimulus with a comprehension based on his own experience. A person with Objective Function is capable and even craves a project to be done by the dictates of outside influence. Not so with Subjective Function. Direction of the life emerges from within and a belief in oneself and ones own abilities takes precedence over the demands and influence of others. Subjective Function is very fitting for an individual who must stand as an example of how all souls should conduct themselves.


The Grand Water Trine is a Focal Determinator that has very tight orbs in the chart of the Dalai Lama. The free-flowing water element encourages the native to expand outward, embrace and be absorbed by all with whom he comes in contact – that is the nature of water; to permeate. The Grand Trine is an integral part of the Locomotive pattern in this chart, because Saturn is both the Cutting Planet which leads the others into the empty space of a Trine, but it also is one of the three planets involved in the Grand Trine itself. Because Saturn is leading into an empty space with no other planet interfering with its energy, it becomes High Focus – and by that it becomes an important Focal Determinator.  Saturn becomes super-powered and its archetypal meaning becomes amplified. Saturn, along with its partner Jupiter are the planets of Motivation. The inner stirrings and conscious sensitivity to right and wrong are one of the attributes of self-awareness. Meditation is a reflective process which illuminates one’s behavior to itself. When one experiences conscious pain, it is because the planet Saturn’s energy/intelligence is activated within the soul. Surrendering to the humbling process relieves the tension. Fighting the truth sets the stage for escapism to avoid a painful conscience.  When one accepts limitations they become stepping stones and guidelines for success. Jupiter as the positive and outward ambassador of the personality works hand-in-hand with Saturn’s double-checking on the continuous correction process of the soul. The Dalai Lama performs specific spiritual practices, meditation, mind development and control that are sympathetic with the meaning of the planet Saturn as well as with his Tibetan culture.

The keyword for Saturn in normal strength is Sensitiveness, but when emphasized by being Point or High Focus, the Keyword becomes SHREWD. The Dalai Lama has had to use his subjective ingenuity toward the Chinese who oppose his birthright. He has had to be Shrewd in the way he opposes his “enemies” and he does this by applying his Buddhist principles of forgiveness, non-violence and compassion toward those who have infringed upon his domain. True to the nature of the expanding water element, the Dalai Lama’s exile has been to the world’s advantage. Had he been able to rule and lead in his own country without interference from outside sources he would not have had such an overwhelming influence for good upon the world.

Often astrologers believe that the Grand Trine can be a detriment, because of its nature to groove into patterns of negativity as well as positive habitual behavior. What the Grand Trine actually represents is degree of harmony achieved. Not understanding this can deplete its potentials for good. With the Dalai Lama’s practice and deep understanding, this Focal Determinator gives him an outlet for continuous manifestation of enlightening reason as a response to potential daily challenges that the Opposition from Saturn to Moon and Neptune represent.

The Grand Trine shows flow and ease in manner and there is added power to this particular Grand Trine, because of the Locomotive Temperament Type to which it gives structure. There is a driving force of the personality, but the caution of Saturn at the helm allows for precise dissemination of wisdom.

The water signs are permeable, receptive and sensitive to feeling and especially compassion. Saturn in the compassionate sign of Pisces is the Leading planet and so is High Focus and Shrewd in its manifestation of his position as spiritual leader of the Tibetan people in exile. He has to remain strong in his beliefs and practices and present a message that encourages his people to adhere to their ancient roots. Along with Saturn being in High Focus the sign of Pisces is also amplified by its Leading into the empty Trine of the locomotive. If the birth time is correct than the placement of the Leading planet and sign are in the all-important 10th house of Authority among men. Revealing a true leader of mankind.

Saturn as the unchallenged focus of the chart is in Trine with Jupiter and creates a Loose Destiny (a feature of self-determination) that allows the Dalai Lama an easy association with everyone effortlessly. This one of the planetary pairs is in company with the other three pairs in major aspect which has been mentioned above.

Age 6 Dalai Lama's Jupiter Stations Direct - corresponds to enthronement ceremony held in Lhasa
Age 6 Dalai Lama’s Jupiter Stations Direct – corresponds to enthronement ceremony held in Lhasa

The Dalai Lama was discovered  and enthroned when he was just 5 years old, corresponding to Progressed Jupiter Stationary Direct shown in the ephemeris for July 12, 1935 – 5 or 6 years after birth. Jupiter represents personal advancement as the paternal leader-to-be. This position of leadership becomes the good fortune for all people worldwide.

Progressed Stations are a halt in time and space to change and rearrange things, within and without, in the greater journey of continuous growth toward understanding and truth.

The official enthronement ceremony as political leader of Tibet took place on November 17, 1950 also in Lhasa. The Progressed chart shows dynamic Saturn completing the Opposition to Natal Moon as promised in the Natal potentials. The exact aspect brings the leader into his responsibilities at an early age.

The Sabian Symbol for the powerful Leading Natal Saturn is Men seeking illumination. 

This is an amazing testimony to the literal manifestation of the Symbols. Pisces 11 degrees, page 311 Sabian Symbols in Astrology: This is the symbol of the immortality of man as dramatized in some form of an apostolic succession, or living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself, since its continuance depends on its unswerving maintenance of the purity of motive and expression it has contributed to the humanity it has created in its own image. . . . When positive, the degree is high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality.

The apostolic succession mentioned in the symbol gives conformation to the way in which the Dalai Lamas have always been chosen. They are chosen from a line of spiritual descendants, and it is uncanny how this symbol has described this unique detail of the procedure.

DLPeacePrize2 July 17, 1989 was the year representing the culmination of a life’s work when the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Prize for Peace. This was a very special year for the Dalai Lama in that the very important Progressed Lunation is in its exact core and very close to a following Progressed Lunar Return. These aspects are also Conjunct his Natal Part of Fortune at 5 degrees Virgo of A man dreaming of fairies. 

According to Marc Edmund Jones; “the Part of Fortune is your special horizon of success and it will give a significant insight into the potentials of accomplishment through the sign, house and symbolical degree where it is found.”

5 degrees Virgo is unique in the 360 degree possibilities, as this particular one is a member of a handful of degrees that reflect an other-worldliness, because they are represented by images of imaginative creatures such as fairies, elves and the like. They are referred to as Elfin degrees by Marc Edmund Jones, and they point to an incarnation of a spiritual soul, not able to live for himself alone, but as manifestations of something greater than themselves. Natives with these degrees are often obligated to be of service to others, and the Dalai Lama is a great candidate and representative of that purpose. Not all individuals understand the calling, and may fall short of a sacrificing attitude. However the Dalai Lama not only is qualified to be a leader of human goodness, but he won the world’s recognition for his great example of compassionate living because of it.

There are subtle vibrations associated with these fairy degrees. It is like the difference between standard broadcasting and cable connections. Cable can tune into higher frequencies, as people with fairy degrees can tune into higher conscious vibrations. It should always refer to the planet or point that coordinates with the degree, and if it is a Focal Determinator or simply a random point in the horoscope it will be strengthened or weakened respectively.

A Progressed Lunation is a powerful Aspect with powerful consequences for good or difficult times. There is usually a period of 3 years where there is a closing of old ways and an opening of new opportunities. There is also the tendency for a crises to arise during this time, because the ego wants to hold on to the past, and the Progressed Lunation is a time of rebirth and new cycles. A new seed of life is being planted. Here in the chart of the Dalai Lama there is an epic and rewarding moment, and it is further enhanced by the Progressed Lunation taking place in one of the very few Elfin degrees.

When reviewing the findings of the content of the Dalai Lama’s chart potentials, it is apparent that this is an incarnation of special purpose. The native of the horoscope has well expressed the profound potentials revealed by the unique configurations analyzed in this astrological report.


From his exile in India, the religious and political leader the Dalai Lama has since 1959 stood at the head of the nonviolent opposition to China’s occupation of Tibet.

When the Nobel Committee chose the Dalai Lama, it emphasized that he based his Buddhist peace philosophy on reverence for all living things and the idea of a universal responsibility that embraces both man and nature. It weighed heavily in the Tibetan leader’s favor that he had showed willingness to compromise and seek reconciliation despite brutal violations.

The award of the Peace Prize gave the Dalai Lama the opportunity to present a plan for the restoration of peace and human rights in Tibet. In the plan he recommended that the country be turned into an ecologically stable and demilitarized zone that might serve as a buffer between major Asian powers. The object was to set in motion serious negotiations on the future status of Tibet, but this was rejected by the Chinese government.

Update 8/31/16: The Solar Eclipse today will be Conjunct The Dalai Lama’s Neptune and Opposite his Leading planet Saturn. He should be in the news as this is an activation of his 3rd and 9th houses. With Neptune involved, there is a gaining of responsibilities as well as losing them.

Update 12/19/16: The movie documentary, Dalai Lama Awakening, narrated by Harrison Ford has been released. Apparently there was a movie being made while Neptune was doing its Transit on Saturn, and with the Solar Eclipse, it manifested into something of an important product.




Churchill Becomes Prime Minister May 10, 1940

The Eloquent Orator Winston Churchill

“From lowliness and obscurity to power and influence.” This quote from the I Ching – the Chinese Book of Changes, aptly describes Churchill’s life leading up to WWII and his appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Churchill was at a very low point in his career just before May 1940, but it was his dedication to freedom and his influential rhetoric that awakened the British populace to the devastating reality of the Nazi threat. He was 66 years old when Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who was prone to appease Hitler, resigned and he was appointed Prime Minister in his stead. Churchill’s Secondary Progressions for the year of 1940, 66 years after his birth shows a corresponding Aspect of great import. Progressed Pluto was Stationary Direct and that astrological event is a profound example of how planetary dynamics correspond with major experiences in a person’s life, and from that point on have an effect on a entire generation.

February 4, 1875 is equal to Churchill's 66th year. Pluto Stationary Direct.
February 4, 1875 is equal to Churchill’s 66th year. Pluto Stationary Direct.

Pluto is Probity and encourages total submission to higher principles and spiritual powers. It also represents the powers governments and their leaders have when in charge of their subjects’ lives. Pluto represents universal forces overshadowing individual desires and needs. The great causes, sweeping movements and global eventualities that take precedence over local and immediate considerations are also under its influence.

Coming into power and authority, or a total loss of it, is the mark of Pluto Transits and Progressions. The biggest changes in a person’s life can be mapped out by noting Pluto’s significant astrological aspects to natal planet configurations.

In Churchill’s case it was no exception. In 1940 Pluto shows up in both Transits and Progressions and they make dramatic show of the rise of Churchill; and with that rise to power came the eventual downfall of the Third Reich.

May 10, 1940, Winston Churchill took the reins of his government and led his people “into the Storm,” as he referred to the daunting challenge. On the very same day that he stepped into the job, the Germans were at the door of Holland; yet another country incapable of defending itself from formidable Nazi aggression.  Although Churchill had a history of failures as well as successes, he was “elected” to do the mammoth task that was carved out for him by fate. Not only was Progressed Pluto doing a Station at the time he took the helm, but throughout the war years, from 1943 to 1945, Transit Pluto was aligning itself in an Opposition to his natal Saturn. An activated Saturn obligates a person to assume personal and grave responsibilities, as well as it giving the native an opportunity to make use of their acquired wisdom and Shrewdness (Saturn’s keyword when in High Focus). Saturn acts in disjunctive fashion, dropping all superfluous pursuits to focus solely on the objective ahead.

From Churchill’s book, Painting as a Pastime, he tells us that he was prey to the “worry and mental over-strain experienced by persons who, over prolonged periods, have to bear exceptional responsibilities and discharge duties upon a very large scale.” This statement combines the long term periods and broad outreach of Pluto Aspects with the personal and inescapable responsibilities brought on by those of Saturn. Both planets draw leadership qualities to the forefront. With an inadequate response to these planets’ “demands” there can be a real crisis in consciousness. Fortunately for the world, Churchill was equal to the task.

The Transit chart for *6:00 pm May 10, 1940 shows the real-time planetary placements as they relate to Churchill’s natal chart. The planetary contacts are few but powerful, and correspond to the announcement to Churchill that he would be Prime Minister for the purpose of leading his country to victory. Transit Jupiter also brings forth leadership qualities to the situation, as the planet makes and exact Conjunction to Churchill’s natal Neptune, the planet that activates one’s sense of dire obligation. Transit Uranus too shows its presence through its exact Conjunction with natal Pluto, revealing the impetus toward Churchill’s sudden and powerful catapult into power and control.  The Moon’s elevated position at the cusp of the 10th house and Sextile his own natal Moon completes the symbolic planetary layout as it mirrors the extraordinary and corresponding event of his taking charge.


Although not configured with significance in any specific way is Natal Mars. However, the Sabian Symbol for Mars is quite telling of a period in Churchill’s life that gives background to so much of his accomplishments during the war years. He was in the post of First Lord of the Admiralty from 1911 to 1915, and his Mars Sabian Symbol at 17 degrees Libra is literally A retired sea captain.

Churchill’s reputation as a great orator is shown in the chart with the 3rd house placement of the Sun, if indeed his birth time is correct. The 3rd house is about words and communication, and the Sun lays bare the Purpose of one’s incarnation. The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Sagittarius is Rocks and things forming within. COMPOSITION is the keyword, and when positive, the degree is “exceptional ability to mold or remold the course of events.” That he did, while navigating the Allies through the war years to bring victory to their side. The negative of the degree, “persisting inner confusion,” gives supporting evidence of the debilitating stress of an almost Grand Cross and its tendency to diffuse the energies of the native by a reaching out into too many directions at once. Lacking the singular focus that a T-Cross Focal Determinator facilitates, the Grand Cross tends to cause one to lose their foothold in events. But thanks to Uranus in Churchill’s case, as Point Focus of a T-Cross in orb, he was able to fulfill  his 11th house objective of living under free rule, rather than under the nightmare of fascist control. With all his ingenuity, lent to him by the genius of his Experimental Uranus consciousness, he led the British, and ultimately the Allies, to the free world we now enjoy.

Churchill’s Progressed Sun, for the 10th of May in 1940 was in Opposition to Natal Uranus, the Point Focus of the T-Cross, since the possible Grand Cross is ignored. It is likely that there was a great deal of pulling in several directions throughout Churchill’s life, because of this just-out-of-orb multi-square to the Pluto prong of the Grand Square. But here is where a person has a chance to rise above astrological shortcomings, when they concentrate on the better potentials their horoscopes can reveal. At the time of his appointment as Prime Minister, Point Focus Uranus was activated by the Progressed Sun, funneling power to his genius, rather than to the just-out-of-orb, often stymied Saturn in the 5th. Churchill’s Sun (Purpose) brings light to the unique potentials of a brilliant and mindful Uranus in Point Focus which manifested in exemplary courage that generations of freedom-loving peoples would reflect.

* Quote from:

“The matter was effectively decided by the afternoon of the 9th May. However it depended upon the Labour Party formally agreeing that they would serve under Churchill in a coalition government of national unity. Despite the events of the early hours of the morning in Europe, on the 10th May the most senior figures in the Labour Party took the 11.34 am train from Waterloo station out of London. They travelled to Bournemouth on the south coast, where they were about to begin their Party Conference. They stuck rigidly to their procedural rules.

It was not until 5pm that the Labour Leader telegrammed London to say that they would serve under Churchill. Chamberlain immediately went to too see the King and ‘offered’ his resignation. The King then called for Churchill and ‘invited’ him to become Prime Minister. He did not formally assume the role until 6pm.”




Planetary Aspects – Their Properties and Purpose

When light is broken into colors by a prism, it reveals our Sun’s chemistry that goes beyond heating and lighting our world. The colors that appear in the spectrum are evidence of the physical properties that make up white light. Ancient astrologers and meta-physicians connected these basic elements of light and life with the energies found within our own personal auras. These auras are related to energy centers, also known as Chakras, located at points throughout the head and torso of the human body.

If we compare our Sun to the nucleus of an atom, we can see that the planets play the part of the protons and electrons that circle its central-intelligence core. The instructions passed through the interaction of these three components is entangled in our cellular structure as well. The solar macrocosm and our earthly microcosm share the same intelligent impulses and work together as a unit; “As above so below.”

The mystery of the universe is that we can observe its phenomena without knowing the true nature of its source. We observe the physical laws that are immutable and at the same time recognize the quantum fact of free-will. We live in a realm of fixed laws, with an ever-accompanying desire to be free of outer limitation and influence. Dualism is realism, and we are locked into, yet can rebel against the interplay of the Solar System’s natural mechanics. We are a part of, and at the same time apart from rule and order. We are the conscious animated creature, designed to awaken through a process devised by the multi-leveled universe, starting for us, by the astrological dictates of the visible Solar System.

The intelligence and instruction of the Solar System is translated into our lives through the powers of cosmic osmosis. The electromagnetic fields of each celestial body meld into a synergistic expression that our minds and bodies absorb and translate into thoughts and feelings on our level. The process is gradual and relates to the planet’s variable speed in its moving in and out of interrelationships. These geometric relationships are called Aspects and they effect the planetary configurations in our natal horoscopes in specific ways. They are promptings for growth and call out awareness on our part. Then we ourselves in turn become an influence in our own field of activity to encourage others to reach their specific potentials.

The planets, although orbiting within a 30 degree declination to the Sun, form 3 dimensional electromagnetic sphere patterns that affect their neighboring counterparts. These planetary Gestalt forms are mapped in the private complex of our 2 dimensional birth charts. When real-time Transiting planets interact with natal configurations, and/or when internal promptings occur through Progressed planetary movements, their time-release promptings, though sometimes painful, are felt in the human mind, body and soul levels of experience.

The purpose of the study of astrology is to reveal and activate our potentials for successful living, and ultimately for self-realization. The method of planetary influences described above is the core of how astrological science works. The natal chart acts as our personal script, with the Transiting and Progressed planets acting as the catalysts for the manifestation of our inner potentials on the outer stage of life.