A Timeline of Aspects – Hitler’s Mother’s Death

Klara_HitlerThe Transits at the time of Hitler’s mother’s death are Transit Jupiter conjunct Natal Saturn. Both Saturn and Jupiter can be active at the point of death. The 10th house rules the mother or boss or guardian. It also identifies the authority we have over others. The 10th house reveals the point of professional career and when we are an authority on a specific subject.

The mother’s death is significant because it is a pivotal turning point in Hitler’s life when he is released from responsibilities toward his ailing mother. He was then free to move to Vienna where he experienced his first traumatic failures, and where he was introduced to political life and antisemitism.

Transit Neptune, shown by the broken red line, will eventually Station Direct, and slowly move into Square to Natal Uranus. Although Hitler does not have this planetary pair of Significance, Uranus and Neptune, in major aspect in his natal chart, the coming Transiting Square finally encourages him to set his sights on broader horizons. Natal Uranus on the Ascendant, by itself as a Rising High Focus planet, catapults his freewheeling experimentative propensities to maximum potential. His extraordinary personal, persuasive powers are brought into function through his intense grasp of the use of words in oratory. His animated gestureMothersDeaths are a manifestation of the combined “influence” of the Natal Moon/Jupiter Trine Mars. His unusual and disturbing charm of personality coupled with his fluent use of the German language gives testimony to his impact on others that the multiple conjunctions promise. Words and ideas and the use of them are a third house matter. The leader/guru Jupiter Conjunct the Natal Moon facilitates his reach to the public. He was the personification of the masses’ need for leadership. In the end, all his intentions backfired as a result of the Significant planets not in major aspect with each other. Had they been in major aspect it would have lent him a more comprehensive vision and a more intimate touch with grander possibilities. There also is a lack of major aspect between the personal pair of Jupiter and Saturn. This shows a lack of moral conscience.

Moon/Jupiter Conjunction in the 3rd house makes for wide public approval through the power of speech. Through the manipulation of words (3rd house), Hitler was able to gain the intense public response and support that put him in power.