Retrograde Planets Prove Universe is Mind

The animation shows Mars in its Retrograde motion in 2003. The diagram in this post is a map of the movement of Mercury retrograde.

We know it is not possible that planets actually change direction in their orbits around the Sun. From the Earth’s perspective, the planets appear to slow down, stop, and change direction because of the differing speeds of the planets in relationship to the speed of Earth.
Retrograde planets do have their effects, however, they are largely subjective in nature. Since life manifests through polarity, all that is subject, mental or inward, must have an objective component to complete the experience. What actually occurs, for those who “feel” the retrograde, is that they are experiencing an activation in the electro-dynamic field of the human mind. Outer reality and inner reflections are a closed circuit in the unified multi-layered manifold of the universe.

All planetary locations in the Solar System are registered with our naked eyes, but their field of influence goes much deeper and wider than their visual spheres. Spheres that pulsate in waves of electromagnetic energy caused by the rotation of planets on their axis, and in the circling of their orbits of the Sun. We are the antenna and receiver of the mysterious, non-locality entanglement, whereby all things relate to one another. In ancient times this principle was referred to in the simple term, “As Above, So Below.”

Consciousness is all-encompassing, and the illusion of the path of retrograde planets has us believing that we take our commands from an outside source. We are a living mirror of subject and object, as one whole experience.
Planets in retrograde motion are felt within us. They are a reflected marker of a timing device that appears in outer space called the Solar System. We grow in conscious awareness as we are challenged by stressful experiences, marked off in time by Transits and Progressions, but the greatest catalyst for change comes when the solar satellites Station, or appear to stand still, in preparation to reverse their direction. They are considered Stationary Retrograde or Stationary Direct and are harbingers of eminent transformation, either in great or small ways, depending on the nature of the planets, and their applying and separating Aspects, within the dynamic configuration appear to form.

Why Mercury Retrograde poses problems:


Mercury Retrograde is becoming more and more familiar to more and more people, and through that familiarity, there is more acceptance and respect for this celestial phenomena as interpreted through an astrological definition. But few know why challenges to normal routine occur, and why things are prone to go badly or need to be adjusted or fixed during the retrograde period. Explanations, as to how and why the retrograde mechanism causes difficulties are rare.



Mercury rules the 3rd house of conveniences, as well as the 6th house of adjustments, and is the key to understanding the mystery of a Mercury in retrograde motion. All taken-for-granted experience is under the “rulership” of the 3rd house of the horoscopic wheel. All needs to be filled, and adjustments in circumstances, are ruled by the 6th house of a horoscope. Therefore when Mercury apparently turns direction to go backward through the signs of the year, it is acting in opposite fashion to its normal nature of convenience of the 3rd segment. For a modern example of 3rd house situations; we are used to getting into a car, turning on the engine and setting off on the way to arrive at a destination without a hitch. But if Mercury is in its retrograde period, any flaw or potential problem with the car will surface for recognition at this time. It is a time to fix things so that we can get back on track to our uninterrupted routine of convenience.

All of life is presented in the form of opposites. So there is no mystery to the fact that when Mercury is retrograde, the opposite of what is expected to happen is presented to us.

The Meaning of the Outer Planets in Retrograde:

For planets that are slow moving and complex in their meanings, the development is more serious and may take years to complete the transformation required by a retrograde period.

These retrograde times are important also for seeking solutions to short or long term problems. For example illnesses can be better diagnosed at these times, because the real causes surface and can be acknowledged at these revealing times.

Mercury is also the ruler of the 6th house which defines any need to make an adjustment in the factors of experience. The 3rd house of convenience and the 6th house of need-for-adjustment work hand-in-hand to keep our lives functioning smoothly.

Patience and expectation are keys in dealing with this periodic episode. Knowledge of an upcoming Mercury Retrograde prepares us in advance to handle difficulties with more peace of mind.