The Challenge of a Sharp Destiny, Part 3, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The vibrant and outspoken Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from the 14th district of New York, has Jupiter and Saturn in an opposition aspect in her natal chart. This is a Sharp Destiny that differs somewhat from the one defined by a square between the two significators which has been discussed in the analysis of the charts of Anthony Bourdain and John McCain Jupiter and Saturn in square aspect animate a heightened moral struggle that encourages the native to align their behavior in accordance with principles of right action.

The same indicators in opposition aspect, as seen in the horoscope of Ocasio-Cortez, is described in the following passage found on page 124 of the Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Edmund Jones: Jupiter and Saturn in Opposition aspect indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives, through which the native is usually compelled to dramatize himself continually in the presence of his fellows, at least if he wishes to participate with them in any course of everyday experience. This necessity often tends to throw a given lifetime into two entirely separate periods, with the latter revealing greater depth and continuity of realization, as perhaps an unsuspected consequence of the mirroring it has given itself through some more superficial role-playing in the former. There may be either a prodigal expenditure of the self’s resources, with their ultimate recapture in a refinement of soul, or a moral vacillation that accentuates every weakness of character, and so encourages a surrender to a final and hopeless ineptitude.

The activist and unapologetic socialist candidate Ocasio-Cortez, in a surprising upset defeated Joe Crowley, the ten-term Democrat Caucus Chair, in the midterm election primaries held on June 26, 2018.

She then went on to win victory over Republican Anthony Pappas, in the November 6, 2018 general election. The candidate was 29 years old when Saturn in transit approached the first of its three possible Returns, which could dramatically activate her Sharp Destiny. This first activation subsequently propelled events that would prove the aspect’s primary characteristic explained by Jones, that through increasing awareness, the life can be thrown into two distinct periods.

It is well-known that Ocasio-Cortez’s life was spent in far less significant fashion as a waitress and bartender, before successfully acquiring the status as the youngest member ever to be elected to the United States Congress. This extreme and consequential turnabout in life-direction gives stark witness to the powers of the Sharp Destiny, facilitated through the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, that is the Departmental Pair of Motivation.

Throughout the time of Saturn’s transiting pilgrimage toward its natal location in the first house, it periodically traveled direct, went retrograde, and also stationed closely with its sensitive point of origin, before its final pass of natal Saturn, one month after her historic win. For astrologers, and for Ocasio-Cortez, the Saturn Return will forever be known as the major astrological indicator of the start of her career in politics. However, recognition must be given to other planetary actors in play at the same time as the Saturn Return.

The native’s launch into her more significant life-role was also synchronous with transit Jupiter, as it partnered in a passing conjunction with natal Pluto. Transit Pluto, at the same time, was approaching the 2nd house cusp in square with the natal Sun. The pressures of a square from the planet of transformative possibilities gave impetus to the Sun; the symbolic representation of one’s true purpose and vital potentials.

Success came with the Greater Benefic lending its good fortune through the support of the masses, in concert with the Sun, representing herself in a role to be played on the political stage. Pluto’s transit ingress into the 2nd house signaled the native’s upcoming position on the House Financial Services Committee. She would also secure a seat on the committee for Oversight and Government Reform, also pointing to Pluto; the planet known to encourage reformation and transformation toward a higher expression of conscious behavior of either an individual or group entity. THE COMPLEX CROSS.

At the core of the chart is a complex configuration that may include up to eight out of the ten planets. It is a coalescence of energies that can manifest in one of two possible ways, depending on the orb-allowance accepted by the astrologer. The chart’s basic aspect-structure is a Grand Square with six planets if the orb chosen is 10 degrees for planets, Sun, and Moon. If however, the astrologer uses Marc Edmund Jones’ orbs of 17 degrees for the Sun and 12 and a half for the Moon, the Grand Square would then include eight planets, rather than the six planets involved when using a lesser orb-allowance.

An examination of the planets’ aspects reveals the foundational complexities. The horizontal oppositions of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune spanning from the first to the seventh house Jupiter, includes the Sharp Destiny, and these four are perpendicular to the Mercury opposition to the Moon that both tightly hug the Midheaven and Nadir respectively. This creates the more simplified cross structure.

The integration of the Sun-Mars conjunction, with the six-pronged Grand Square just described, forms a subtle tangent away from the four-pronged multiple squares, and either option gives the native an exceptional inner self-grounding, only described as slightly different potentials.

A Translation of Light becomes operative to include Mars, when the wide orb of the Sun conjuncts Mercury and opposes the Moon, and the Sun is activated by Mars, when using the 10-degree orb linking Saturn and Neptune through squares.

If only a 10-degree orb is used, there is the possibility that the oppositions of Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter can give rise to a T-Cross bringing the Sun and Mars into Point Focus. This eliminates the inclusion of the Mercury/Moon opposition from the grand configuration, as they would lie outside this narrower orb-allowance.  

Either orb-allowance supports a Grand Square, and in order to avoid a confusion of focus, one must define a Focal Determinator that can point to one of the four prongs as High Focus, that leans the native’s attention toward a special area of interest. 

Although Mercury is High Focus by virtue of its elevation, it is actually Jupiter that is the High Focus planet of the Grand Square because it is a Singleton in Hemisphere, if one ignores Mercury’s slight lean to the western side of the meridian by a few degrees.

Jupiter in High Focus draws energy and support from all other planets, and is empowered as the Handle of a Bucket Temperament Type. The Natural Disposition is obviously Cardinal which motivates the native toward a characteristic ambition, and in Ocasio-Cortez’s potentials, it is tempered by a concern for justice and balance in judgment, enhanced by the presence of a strong concentration of planets Point Focus in Libra.

A Cardinal disposition defines an immediate, restless, self-directed and crisis-oriented personality, and endows the native with an exciting and charismatic quality, that aids the native in attracting the attention she so dearly covets. When functioning in the positive, these individuals are problem-solvers and live to be needed and admired. Jupiter and Saturn act as the needed core opposition of the Temperament Type, so that there is backbone to the character, helping to thrust the native ever-forward courageously.

The Bowl segment of the Planetary Pattern contains the elements of intelligence that are filtered through the planet in High Focus, and Jupiter’s placement in the 7th house gives Ocasio-Cortez an alert awareness for all incoming opportunities that enhance her purpose in life: which is to work in partnership with others on an equal basis. Jupiter makes her enthusiastic, paternal, optimistic, and with the influence of the sign of Cancer, is maternal as well, with a perpetual willingness to expand her horizons.

Mercury and the Moon form the Dilimiting Rim opposition of the Bowl segment of the Temperament Type, and act to restrain the emotions, offering the native time to think before acting. Together these contradictory features, of the core opposition charging forward unrestrained, yet having the control to hold back when necessary, helps balance the multifaceted attributes of the native.

The 7th house is also the indicator of any push-back or challenge to the native’s intentions. It facilitates a place of competition, conflict, and direct combat, but when handled with real moral authority, which the Sharp Destiny can provide, the congresswoman becomes a force for cooperation and compromise in order to reach any lofty goals she has in her sights.

The combined energies of Sun and Mars point their release in the direction of the 10th house of career, honor, and authority, which the congresswoman has begun to acquire at an early age, by winning a seat in the House of Representatives, in the 2018 U.S. mid-term elections.

Ocasio-Cortez has come onto the political scene, with at times, a characteristic over-exuberance, powered by a naturally energized Sun/Mars in Point Focus. The liberties she takes in her outspokenness and authoritarian determination, already in her relatively short career, has been demonstrated at congressional hearings when chastising those not living up to the promises they made as public servants.

SEXTILES AND TRINES, ASSISTING SQUARES AND OPPOSITIONS. Whether considering the chart to have a Grand Square with eight planets, or a Grand Square with a T-Cross combined, only natal Pluto and Venus stand apart from the stress and strain of the squares and oppositions of either Cross. In contrast, these two planets lend the horoscope a much-needed relief of tension, through a series of sextiles and trines, that integrates nicely into the formidable Cross structure. There are no hard aspects to or from Pluto and Venus with any other planets in the horoscope.

The High Focus Jupiter applies in trine to Pluto, while Venus graciously receives a trine from the Moon and a sextile from Mercury. These two forces become the reins of the entire configuration and add supportive direction for the expansion of potentials seen at the descendant, which is the place of all forthcoming opportunity.

The dynamic conjunctions of progressed Sun and Mercury took their turns joining forces with natal Pluto, to deepen the understanding of the native’s creative role in life throughout 2014. The Sun’s conjunction brought to life the deeper side of herself and put Ocasio-Cortez in touch with friends and those of like-kind associated with an 11th house placement of Pluto. Personal associates became powerful connections that helped manifest the native’s political aims. Progressed Mercury, a year later, assisted in forming more specific ideals and objectives with its own passage over natal Pluto.

Major transits also played a great part in the native’s maturing process when Pluto passed over the three natal planets in the first house from 2008 to 2013. This was followed by a refinement of character, with Saturn’s passage of the same planets throughout 2018, which included her first Saturn Return. Ocasio-Cortez came into her powers with the stimulation of the Sharp Destiny’s Jupiter/Saturn opposition. Life changed radically in 2018, laying the groundwork for years to come.

Marc Edmund Jones defines Astrology as the science of probability. Looking forward to what may possibly occur is a tempting pass-time for astrologers. It is contrary to the Humanistic approach, where the astrologer encourages the client to use astrology for self-realization as opposed to seeking advantages in the manipulation of circumstances. However, it can bring personal gratification and public recognition when an astrologer can prove his or her talents of prophecy. Identifying major transits and secondary progressions to natal planets is astrology’s way of pushing the curtain aside to reveal the possibilities of future accomplishments.

The Dynamic Aspects (progressions and transits), that will stimulate the profound future potentials for Ocasio-Cortez, will take effect in approximately ten years. If the adept congresswoman maintains her career in politics, she will have experience in legislation by the time the Dynamic Aspects mature. This will provide her with all the necessary planetary support needed to advance her career toward great accomplishment if she is able to rise to the occasion of the forthcoming cluster of progressions.

In the search for significant progressions in the distant future, one finds Mars standing out by its conjunction with natal Pluto, commencing on October 20, 2030. The conjunction takes place at 14 degrees 08 Scorpio and lies at the center of one of the four fixed power signs of the zodiac. The progression will set off an intense release of potentials.

SCORPIO 15. Children playing around five mounds of sand. This is a symbol of absolute self-integrity at a simple extreme of social consciousness, or of the human spirit in its nascent competence for meeting all possible eventualities. There is here, a dramatization of the psychological faculties as a means for contact with other people, and of the illimitable capacity for experience in any situation where man may find himself. The individual is able to deal with whatever may arise in the circumstances of his being and to commit himself to whatever proves to be worthwhile. The keyword is NAIVETÉ. When positive, the degree is a gift for a continual discovery of new and effective facets of selfhood, and when negative, wholly purposeless ineptitude.

Squares, conjunctions, and oppositions from progressed planets to natal, are more noticeable to a native because of the stresses they produce, especially when they resist change. Sextiles and trines on the contrary, indicate momentum and assistance, and a general continuing flow of conveniences that were set in motion at the times of the more challenging and productive hard aspects. 

It is wise to observe when aspects enter, are exact, and completed, and then connect corresponding events, even before and after these precise astrological dates, to identify experiences that may also be related to the planetary activities in motion at the time.

Mars is exact in its conjunction with natal Pluto, April 8, 2032, and completes the intense interaction on September 25, 2033. This is an astrological calculation that must link to experiences that are not necessarily bound to the enter, exact, and leave dates, as previously mentioned.

When the conjunction of Mars to Pluto begins, it will occur in the midst of an array of progressed Moon squares, which exacerbate the tension around the conjunction. The progressed Moon will square the planets in the 1st and 7th houses from the 10th house of career, honor, and authority, and foretells of either a devastating fall from power or the exact opposite; the rise to a high position, possibly well anticipated.

A reasonable prognostication is that the native may launch a campaign or project during this three year period, that requires a vast amount of energy and focus. To assist in this matter is the exact phase of the Mars conjunction of Pluto, as it is surrounded by supportive conjunctions, sextiles, and trines from the progressed Moon to various natal planets. 

These future astrological events certainly point to an important time in the career of the newly positioned congresswoman.  Ocasio-Cortez will undoubtedly continue to impress the American public with her unrelenting presence and driving force, thanks to her Sharp Destiny and her Bucket Temperament, and their pressing desire to fulfill a missionary vision in life.

With all that has been said to reveal a powerhouse of personality and drive, there is yet another extremely encouraging feature of the horoscope that is effective from birth and throughout the native’s entire life. Her natal Sun is located in the heavens, adjacent to the benefic fixed star Spica, that offers one of the most gracious stellar influences in the astrological pantheon of stars. It promises great good fortune by its placement in the 10th house, especially for her hopes and wishes, which presently are well underway.

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez – Political Protest Singers from the 60s

It is known that Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were very attracted to each other for various reasons, including their political views and activism as well as having a personal relationship that fell just short of a legal tie in marriage.

There are a few Astrofacts that show the astrological reasons for their attraction, and here listed are what could be considered the major aspects that are the cosmic influence on them, as aspects manifest in the lives of so many other celebrity couples, such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Kathreen Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, to name just a few.

The most powerful magnetic factor in the chart is identified by their exact Sun/Moon conjunction. Here is where the tie has its most emotional response and the one that draws the couple to feel and believe they have a destiny together, or that they are continuing a purpose that was founded in perhaps a previous life cycle.

They loved each other’s ideas, shown in the close dynamic between Dylan’s Mercury (mentality) and Baez’s appreciative Venus near his ascendant. Baez’s Mars is opposite Dylan’s Sun and this profoundly stimulates the Sun/Moon conjunction all the more, and definitely adds kick to their chemistry, with an extra dose of physical passion.

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What Makes Robert Mueller the Man of Integrity?

Sometimes a horoscope tells a fascinating story, and this is what we find in the chart of Robert Swan Mueller III, the man who was appointed as special counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

An interpretation of natal potentials is compromised when the time of birth is unknown because the Moon degree and the positions of the planets throughout the houses are undetermined, and thus fall short of giving sufficient clues for an accurate interpretation. But there are planetary configurations defined by Marc Edmund Jones, found in his Essentials of Astrological Analysis, that are not dependent on the time of birth, and can yield information that is quite revealing.

One of these possibilities is the T-Cross as a Focal Determinator. But its validity is questioned because one of the prongs of the Cross would be the Moon, which moves swiftly through the degrees in an entire day, and may or may not be in orb of an opposition to create a T-Cross. However, when checking the Moon’s sign and degree placement, throughout the 24 hours of the day of birth, it shows the Moon’s transit stays within close proximity of its 12 and a half degree allowable orb in the possible opposition to Neptune. This ultimately brings Saturn into Point Focus, since it stands in perpendicular aspect to the opposition.

Astrologers consider that aside from the frustrations, delays, and disappointments for which Saturn is known, it is also the planet of integrity, responsibility, maturity, and conscientiousness, and so suggests a host of positive characteristics that can imbue an individual with extraordinary and honorable stature. These constructive expressions of Saturn, explain why Mueller is known for his spotless reputation as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, who received a Bronze Star for heroism, and a Purple Heart. He spent his civilian years in both private and public service, engaging in a stellar career that included 12 years as director of the FBI.

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Challenge of a Sharp Destiny – John McCain – 1936 – 2018

John Sidney McCain III served his country throughout his entire life, but it was during his tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, especially as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, that he unknowingly took on the challenge of the formidable Sharp Destiny, identified in his chart by a square between Jupiter and Saturn.

The naval captain managed to rise to the occasion, only after years of personal, agonizing struggles that the daunting configuration bestows on a soul in need of awakening. He battled against his own recklessness as an airman in the navy, and as a Senator, drew criticism from the public for reasons that included racial remarks, (1) and in 1989 for his involvement in the Keating Five scandal. There were character flaws to overcome, and Sharp Destiny was designed to correct them.

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CHALLENGE OF THE SHARP DESTINY – Anthony Bourdain, 1956 – 2018

Celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, took his own life on the evening of June 7th, or in the early hours of June 8th, 2018. His body was found in his hotel room in Kaysersberg France, while on location for the shooting of an episode of his popular television series, Parts Unknown. Bourdain was a writer extraordinaire, who artfully introduced his audience to exotic cultures worldwide, through the lens of gastronomy.

Astrologers use diverse methods to analyze the components of a natal horoscope, and then note the transits and progressions that set their findings into motion. The examination of Anthony Bourdain’s chart, focuses on a small segment of the wheel, drawing attention to what is called the Sharp Destiny. It is identified in his case, by the square between Jupiter and Saturn. The technique is part of a collection of advanced procedures that were developed in the mid-20th century by astrologer par excellence, Marc Edmund Jones.  The Sharp Destiny explains Bourdain’s early struggles in life, but also contributes to his growth and later successes. Failures and achievements are both born of this challenging aspect, and a native is clearly at an advantage when recognizing the blessing of its presence in the chart, and works to actualize its elevated purpose. Read more

Astrobite – United States Pluto Return

The United States Pluto Return includes a broad spectrum of topics that are included in the meaning of the planet Pluto, but it also incorporates the meanings of the planet as it is influenced by its configurations in the natal chart’s potentials. Pluto in the US chart is involved in a dynamic Mercury-Pluto opposition. Mercury represents mentality and specifically the personal perspective and thoughts concerning individual rights. The concern over Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections has brought the issue of each American’s right to vote in the Democratic process.

There are also concerns over women’s health, a woman’s right to choose, and the tense situation building over attempts to overturn Roe versus Wade. Pluto in Capricorn describes the age of old tradition of white, conservative men making decisions for young women, represented by Mercury in the feminine sign of Cancer. The opposition aspect clearly defines the escalating polarity between the powerful ingrained forces against the vulnerable average citizen.

Propaganda is very much a part of the “Pluto effect.” Both subtle and obvious forces influence the object or target to be manipulated. The US chart’s Pluto, opposite natal Mercury, can facilitate the process of exploitation of the average person’s mind and perspective. Propaganda is not necessarily a negative tool, used for one’s own advantage. It can be utilized to bring about positive results as well as being an invasive maneuver to achieve mastery or control over others.

Today’s climate of contention leading up to the Pluto Return reveals diametrically opposed political parties using both truth and lies to gain the attention of their target voter. Facts play a large part in any controversy, however, in today’s concerns many are prone to ignore information that does not bring them the end results they envision. An example, that leads up to the 2020 elections, is revealed when Trump’s followers say that they are unhappy with the details of some of his proposals, but will vote for him in 2020 because on the whole, he is implementing the concepts they embrace. For some, there is a heated contest between good and evil, right and wrong. The founders of the republic had certain goals in mind that are being challenged now, and there is no guarantee that the ultimate truth will prevail. It may just happen that the majority’s vision is realized until there is a balancing of powers that will shift toward the opposite point of view to gain its control and express its dominating objectives.



Putin and Trump – The Symbol Minded

Natal Pluto is High Focus in Vladimir Putin’s horoscope because it is elevated and conjunct the Midheaven. This position speaks of his overwhelming power as a player on the political world stage and of his tenacious, authoritarian rule.Pluto’s position at 22 Leo 43 is hosted by the Sabian Symbol, A bareback rider. Its keyword is AUDACITY. The original symbol is, The scene is a circus crowded with spectators, and in a moment of hush a bareback rider performs extraordinarily. The internet’s ubiquitous image of Putin, “performing” on horseback, is unique in that the rider himself is bare-backed, in lieu of the horse being without saddle. Occasionally, the Sabian Symbols manifest literally, and in this case it does so with a remarkably humorous twist.

U.S. President Donald Trump is intrigued by Putin’s prowess, and a look at the cross-ties between the two leaders shows why. The two men share a zodiacal degree that is exact to the very minute, making the cross-tie a highly rare specimen in the field of synastry. Putin’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Jupiter are both located at precisely 17 degrees Libra and 27 minutes. Normally, a planet in one chart applies to influence the other person’s planet that is separating and responding. In this case, there is a mutual interaction with neither having the upper hand by application. The Libran interrelationship reveals Trump’s Jupiter manifesting with untempered enthusiasm, and showing much inexperience in contrast with Putin’s sober and fortified Saturn.

This extraordinary cross-tie’s Sabian Symbol is, Two men placed under arrest. In Trump’s chart, the conjunction falls in the 2nd house of personal finances and material assets, and in Putin’s chart, the paired planets are located in the 12th house of clandestine operations. This may very well suggest secret interactions and negotiations between the two men relating to money and other possessions and advantages.

From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, p. 167:

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. “When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.”

The two men have most likely been in a competitive “embrace” for some time. They undoubtedly have shared resources of sorts, even if through third parties. The present challenge seems to be what they can accomplish together for their own advantage, that was not possible before Trump was elected.

The original symbol shines additional light on the mutual bond: Two men are placed under arrest and are taken away to give an accounting of their acts before a tribunal of society. Nations worldwide play the role of the tribunal, with the hope that the two leaders maintain a service to society, rather than enforce their powers for their own personal objectives and advantages. The negative expression of the degree, however, spells out in quite clear language that the potentials for self-aggrandizement are very real. News reports, speaking of Putin’s history of undermining the will of his people, include alleged murders of political opponents and other enemies. And Trump continually expresses inappropriate comments in outrageous and degrading ways toward American citizens of varying ethnicities, Democrats and members of his own political Party, and leaders of both friendly and unfriendly countries. Both men are under the arresting eyes of those who are awaiting the outcome of this strange camaraderie between the leaders in control of the world’s greatest nuclear arsenals. If there is a reason to believe that wrongs have been committed, that put the security of the United States at risk, the Special Council investigation, headed by Robert Mueller, will hopefully bring the perpetrators to justice.


The first official meeting between the two Presidents occurred on July 16, 2018 at the Helsinki Summit in Finland. It was a private meeting, and to this day the conversation and possible agreements made remain a mystery to all save the two men and their interpreters. There had been impromptu, brief encounters previously, usually on the sidelines of other conferences. However, the meeting on July 16th was a planned, formal tête-à-tête, that took place amid an air of trepidation from a large segment of the U.S. population, because of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and Trump’s unsettling fascination with the Russian autocrat.

Exceptional events must have a matching counterpart in the astrological dynamics at the time they occur, and the celestial participation on the day of the Summit does not disappoint. The unique natal cross-tie already examined, has a surprising lineup of progressions that bring their combined potentials to life in an extraordinary way. Both Presidents had progressed planets synchronizing an arrival at their allied natal point on the date of the Helsinki Summit. On July 16, 2018, Putin’s progressed Moon came to 27 Libra 35 at the same time as Trump’s progressed Venus was lingering at 17 Libra 33.

Trump’s progressed Venus had been approaching his natal Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn since mid-2017. The Venus progression is of longer duration than Putin’s progressing Moon that has a 2-month activation, keeping his possibilities down to a limited window of opportunity. Putin’s progressed Moon symbolizes his emotional engagement in the aligned event, and Trump’s Venus contributed an intimacy to the fated encounter. Economics, whether personal or universal, could very well have been a topic of conversation at the meeting. These timely symbolic progressions, accompanying the natal bond, are a striking testimony to the grand scheme of things, and correspond perfectly with the event that brought the two men finally face to face.

The quad-wheel chart shows Trump’s natal horoscope in the center with his 2018 progressions in the next wheel outward. The third wheel is Putin’s natal chart encompassed by his 2018 progressions in the outermost circle of planets. The progressions as they made contact with the cross-tie are bounded in red lines for easy viewing.

Trump’s Progressed Moon in his 12th simultaneously makes friendly Sextiles to his Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn. This shows his emotional investment buttressing and intensifying the interaction at the meeting, and points to a deep psychological bond with his comrade-in-intent. The planets forming these progressions take an optimistic slant on the most part, especially while the supportive aspects are in place. However, in the winter of 2018-19, Putin’s progressed Moon will square Trump’s natal Saturn, and by 2020 his progressed Sun will conjunct Trump’s natal Moon, and soon after make an opposition to his natal Sun. These are harbingers, announcing reciprocal contacts ahead. The outlook leans toward a more polarized involvement; manifesting conflicting objectives, as well as bringing to fruition the hopes each have in the other. The caveat being, will the results benefit the average citizen in both the United States and Russia, or merely be another display of the two men placed under arresting circumstances?



How Planets “Talk” to Each Other – What is an Aspect?

There are numerous branches of astrology and diverse methods of analysis in the use of astrological techniques. Those that are used on this blog are predominantly those created by Marc Edmund Jones in the early 20th century, and they are found in his Essentials of Astrological Analysis. With this approach is the use of the Major Ptolemaic Aspects*; the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition. The geometric arrangements between planets are derived by a division of the 360 degree circle of the zodiac by 0, 6, 4, 3 and 2 respectively. Other approaches to astrological interpretation are just as valid as the ones used here, because each approach is reflected in all other forms of interpretation.

Many clients wonder what is in a horoscope that astrologers consider when interpreting a horoscope. Besides the Major planetary Aspects there are highly sophisticated techniques that are constructed on the foundation of the five Major Aspects. It is fascinating as well as informative to reveal the mechanism on which these planetary  interrelationships perform and mirror life experience. The origin of all events on Earth and personal human experience takes its cue from planets when they contact each other through Aspect. In one of their many YouTube videos, The Thunderbolts Project attempts to explain in detail the active result of planetary interactions.

From Symbols of an Alien Sky, The Thunderbolts Project:

“In an electrical Solar System, if two planets or Moons approach each other from regions of different potential, an electrical discharge will occur, producing plasma formations stretching between the approaching bodies.

Plasma laboratory experiments can tell us what the formations might look like. The backbone is typically a column of twisted filaments, but disks and embedded cylinders also arise to evolve in spectacular ways.

The counterpart to such formations looks like ancient depictions of the cosmic thunderbolt. But what an outrageous idea that exotic formations could arise between planets in close approach! The space between the two planets lights up and is set aflame by both planets and produces a train of fire.”

These celestial events are imbued with intelligence as well as fire and light. They are like the synapses that are sparked between brain cells in order to transmit and develop thought patterns in the mind. The chakra system is involved as well. The entire Solar System and life on Earth is a closed unit and its purpose is the enlightenment of humanity. All planetary Aspects in a person’s chart are designed to bring growth and awareness to that individual. This usually is a painful process when the person is unaware of how the whole process works and its ultimate purpose.

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The Connective Electrical Planetary Powers and Human Receptors

*In astrology, the interaction between planets is called an ASPECT. They are geometric relationships that carry unique meanings that depend upon the nature of the configuration.

The five Major ASPECTS:

The Conjunction is 0 degrees and is an Aspect of emphasis and intensity.

The 60 degree separation of planets is called a Sextile, which is a harmonious interchange of energies because the discharge is not confrontational.

The Square is a 90 degree separation is indicative of struggle with the need to take action and change.

An ease of the interactions occurs with planets that are in a Trine ASPECT. It is the separation of 120 degrees. It refers to momentum and inner talents and abilities.

The 180 degree Opposition creates conscious awareness and can be combative because it is a direct confrontation of energies.

All of these geometric relationships have a 10 degree orb of allowance.